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Team Name (Skynet)

Project Marking Percentage

Group work:      50%
Individual work: 50% +
Total           100%


Team Members

Team Name (Skynet)
First Name Last Name Section Seneca Id Github ID wiki id IRC nick Blog URL
Michael Wang B mmwang2 MichaelMWang Michael Mengyuan Wang mekko Michael's Blog
Bruno Pereira B bpereira5 bpereira5 Bruno Pereira bpereira Open Source
Kanghoon Park B kpark27 kpark27 Kanghoon Park kpark27 Kang's Blog
Matthew Torrance B mstorrance mstorrance Matthew Scott Torrance mstorrance Matt's Blog
Dyllon Ricardo A ddricardo Dyllon-R Dyllon Da Silva Ricardo Dyllon-R Dyll's Tech Blog

Issues and Status

Issue Name Format

Issue and branch name format:

0.6 Milestone

  1. CText (0.6.1)
  2. CheckList (0.6.2)

0.4 Milestone (COMPLETED)

  1. CButton (0.4.1)(Assigned to Kang, reviewed by Michael)
  2. CValEdit (0.4.2)(Assigned to Michael, reviewed by Kang)
  3. CCheckMark (0.4.3)(Assigned to Dyllon and Bruno, reviewed by Michael)

0.3 Milestone (COMPLETED)

Due along with 0.4 milestone
  1. CField, Dialog and Label (0.3.1)(Assigned to Michael, Kang, Bruno)
  2. line Edit (0.3.2)(Assigned to Bruno, Kang and Dyllon, reviewed by Michael)

0.2 Milestone (COMPLETED)

  1. Add console class to project and test with cio_test (issue 1) (Assigned to Michael, reviewed by Kang)
  2. Create Mock-up classes
    Create the class files (header and cpp) with blank methods and make sure they compile
    1. CField Mock-up Class (issue 2.1) (Assigned to Michael, reviewed by Kang)
    2. CLabel Mock-up Class (issue 2.2) (Assigned to Kang, reviewed by Michael)
    3. CDialog Mock-up Class (issue 2.3) (Assigned to Bruno, reviewed by Michael)
    4. CLineEdit Mock-up Class (issue 2.4) (Assigned to Dyllon, reviewed by Bruno)
    5. CButton Mock-up Class (issue 2.5) (Assigned to Dyllon, reviewed by Bruno)
    6. CValEdit Mock-up Class (issue 2.6) (Assigned to Michael, reviewed by Dyllon)
    7. CCheckMark Mock-up Class (issue 2.7) (Assigned to Bruno, reviewed by Dyllon)
    8. CText (Assigned to Kang, reviewed by Michael)
      1. Add Text Class to the project (issue 2.8.1)
      2. CText Mock-up Class (issue 2.8.2)
    9. CCheckList Mock-up Class (issue 2.9) (Assigned to Bruno, reviewed by Michael)

Coding Rules

  1. Pointer/reference always beside datatype (int* a; or int& a;)
  2. Only one data definition per line (int a; NOT int a, b;)
  3. FOUR spaces instead of tab for indentation
    Steps in visual studio
    1. Tools > Options
    2. Click: Text Editor, All Languages, Tabs
    3. Make sure
      1. Indenting: none needs to be selected
      2. Tab size: 4
      3. Indent size: 4
      4. Insert spaces selected
  4. Always have curly braces even when the code block is one line
  5. Header name: _SKYNET_CLASSNAME_H_ (eg. _SKYNET_CFIELD_H_)
  6. Commenting
    1. before every functions, write what the function does
    2. end of a long code block
    3. any code which may be confusing for others review

Sample Code

   // function to display a string of characters based on field length
   void Console::display(const char* str, int row, int col, int fieldLen){
       if (fieldLen){
           int i=0;
           for (;i<fieldLen && str[i];i++){
           for (;i<fieldLen;i++){
               this->putChar(' ');


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