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Exercise 1 : Using LXR

I attmeped my search under Mozilla 1.8 and as a text search. I began my search with 'reload', which returned an overwhelming account of hits. After s fair bit of reading, I thought I found soemthing relivant in: /browser/locales/en-US/chrome/browser/browser.dtd

82 <!ENTITY reloadCmd.label              "Reload">
83 <!ENTITY reloadCmd.accesskey          "R">
84 <!ENTITY reloadButton.tooltip         "Reload current page">

which didn't turn out to be much.. so on with my search..
I decided to try 'reloadCmd', which turned up in my first search, and I found:

173                 <menuitem label="&reloadCmd.label;" accesskey="&reloadCmd.accesskey;" command="Browser:Reload" key="key_reload"/>

which again, didn't turn out to be much, however taking a hint perhaps I should try, 'BrowserReload', which I got a few hits for, one was in javascript in /browser/base/content/browser.js

1622 function BrowserReload()
1623 {
1624   const reloadFlags = nsIWebNavigation.LOAD_FLAGS_NONE;
1625   return BrowserReloadWithFlags(reloadFlags);
1626 }

and in /browser/base/content/browser.js,

5056       // Reload the page to show the effect instantly
5057       BrowserReload();

so I'm assuming I'm on the right track.. I then tired 'BrowserReload('.. and found a .cpp file.. I got a little excited (!!) I found it in /embedding/tests/wxEmbed/BrowserFrame.cpp,

203 void BrowserFrame::OnBrowserReload(wxCommandEvent & WXUNUSED(event))
204 {
205     if (mWebBrowser)
206     {
207         nsCOMPtr<nsIWebNavigation> webNav = do_QueryInterface(mWebBrowser);
208         webNav->Reload(nsIWebNavigation::LOAD_FLAGS_NONE);
209     }
210 }

and now I'm at a loss..