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  • Used LXR for this exercise [seamonkey]
  • Searched LXR using the following query: "reload”
  • Opened tabbrowser.xml file
  • This line of code looked interesting “return this.mCurrentBrowser.reload();”
  • We searched for ““function reload” in LXR, found a match “function BrowserReload()”
  • BrowserReload used the BrowserReloadWithFlags function to reload the page
  • Searched for BrowserReloadWithFlags function in LXR
  • BrowserReloadWithFlags is the function that handles page reloads
  • const LOAD_FLAGS_NONE = Components.interfaces.nsIWebNavigation.LOAD_FLAGS_NONE;
  • static const UInt32 LOAD_FLAGS_NONE = 0;
  • Looked up getWebNavigation
  • getWebNavigation calls gBrowser.webNavigation
  • gBrowser is a reference to a tab in a browser
  • var webNav = getWebNavigation(); gets the page browse history in a tab *maybe?*
  • webNav.reload(reloadFlags); reloads the page with the "static const UInt32 LOAD_FLAGS_NONE = 0" parameter < flag indicates a page reload?