Release 0.2.3 Instructions

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Release 0.2.3 for Mozilla Auto l10n (localization) tool

  • Bug for this tool:

Bug 403215 - Python script that will help create from a translated locale a regional build

  • Webpage for this tool:

  • Download the 0.1 Zip file:


  1. Make sure you have Python for your platform:

- We used Python 2.5.1 for Windows ( which comes with an IDE and a shell in which you can eveluate python statements, programs, etc

  1. Once you have it, double click on "". Type: "en-GB". Next, it will ask you to press "return"
  2. Now if you check the folder where you are you should see these files:

- "colors - Copy.dtd.bak", "colors.dtd.bak" and "" These files have the same contents as their original files (without the .bak suffix) but with the string "color" changed into "colour"


The tools reads every DTD file and properties file on the current directory, parses it using the parser that comes on and makes the changes. The only change right now is the word "color" to "colour", independantly if it is uppercase/lowercase, and singular/plural. The regular expresion handles the return of line and the only makes the changes to the strings associated to an entity, it doesn't modify an entity name

For release 0.2, we want to have: -many regular expressions changes happening at the same time -walk though subfolders and make these changes in every subfolder

FYI, you can get all the subfolders with all the files that have to modified (DTDs, properties and others) 1) Get the l10n tools and testing script and libraries by checking them out: $> cvs -z3 co mozilla/tools/l10n mozilla/testing/tests/l10n 2) This will create a folder below the Mozilla folder called "l10n/en-CA": $> python tools/l10n/ en-CA

Conclusion: this folder with all the files to be translated will be used to run the 0.2 and see how it works