Pi Day at Toronto Reference Library - May 28, 2016

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Pi Demo Day

When and Where

  • Toronto Reference Library
  • Saturday May 28, 2016 - noon to 5pm


  • 1 pm - Introduction to the Raspberry Pi - A tour of the Raspberry Pi computer family, the features and limitations of each model, suggestions on how to pick one, and a demonstration of how to hook it up and start using it.
  • 2 pm - Programming the Raspberry Pi - The Raspberry Pi can be programmed in many different computer languages, from drag-and-drop visual languages to traditional computer languages such as Python, C/C++, and OCaml. This talk will introduce the basics of writing and running your own programs on the Pi in several of these languages.
  • 3 pm - Sensing and Controlling Things with the Raspberry Pi - The Raspberry Pi can be easily connected to sense and control things around us. This talk will demonstrate the many types of devices that can be controlled by a Pi and how they can be connected and programmed.
  • Additionally, interactive demonstrations will take place throughout the afternoon from 12 noon to 5 pm in the Discussion Room adjacent to the Hinton Theatre, including projects ranging from media players to radio transmitters to smart home automation.

Talks - should be around 40 minutes long plus 15 minutes for Q&A and 5 for next talk setup. Slides would be nice. Clear and to the point. Code snippets short and clear. Diagrams always helpful.

  • 1 pm - Chris Tyler
  • 2 pm - Brad Fortner
  • 3 pm - John Selmys / Greg Blair


  • John Selmys - Line Tracking Robot - Two wheeled Pi Zero line tracking robot with range sensor and LEDs
  • John Selmys - Brain Computer Interface - Control the speed of a motor with your brain
  • Brad Fortner - Jukebox Pi - An Overview and Demonstration of Convergence Jukebox Pi. Open Source Python software program that emulates a retro "wallbox style" Jukebox.
  • Colin McGregor - Kodi - a streaming media player.
  • Colin McGregor - Jasper - A talking computer.
  • Colin McGregor - General Purpose Desktop - on the Pi.
  • Colin McGregor - OpenCPN - A a boat chart plotter.
  • Colin McGregor - Rachel - High school library in a box.
  • Colin McGregor/Chris Tyler - Open Arena - First Person Shooter.
  • Ron Grimes - Chocolate Box News Reader - on a Raspberry Pi.
  • Greg Blair - Stepper Motor - demos.
  • Greg Blair - Ham Radio - WSPR on the Pi.
  • Greg Blair - Pi Camera and image processing.
  • Dean Debono - Game Boy - on the Pi.
  • Gi-tae - Pi at Coffee Shops - displaying IP address.

Other Issues

  • Tables - table and chair requirements - supplied by library
  • Wifi - hopefully TorRefLib can provide us with wifi passwords if not open.
  • Projector - projector available in lecture room.
  • Monitors - supplied or do we bring our own? Chris will bring Monitors
  • Power Bars - how many?
  • VGA/HDMI cables - and adapters? Chris
  • Setup - what time do we come to set up demos etc? 10am? night before? 11:00am
  • Cleanup - how long will cleanup take? 4:30pm
  • Lunch - noon to five leaves no room for lunch - what about group supper afterwards?