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[iof functions]

Simple Functions
void iof_init(void) Initializes the iof routines.
void iof_end(void) Shuts down the io routines and ensures that the cursor is not left in the middle of the screen, which may be partly filled with characters.
int iof_rows(void) Returns the number of rows on the screen.
int iof_cols(void) Returns the number of columns on the screen.
void iof_clrscr(void) Clears the screen and leaves the cursor in the upper left-hand corner of the screen.
void iof_flush(void) Ensures that any output sent to the screen is displayed on the screen (that is, this function flushes the output buffer).
int iof_getch(void) Returns the virtual key code identifying the key pressed by the user.
void iof_movecur(int r, int c) Positions the cursor at row r and column c, where row 0 is the top row and column 0 is the leftmost column.
void iof_putch(int c) Displays the character c at the current cursor position and advances the cursor by one position to the right.
void iof_prnstr(const char *s) Displays the null-terminated string pointed to by s starting at the current cursor position.