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Week 2

  1. How can you duplicate data across files, devices, partitions, and volumes?What does the noerror and sync option do?
  2. How can you backup and restore the Master boot record?
    1. How can you include partition table information when backing up or restoring?
  3. How can dd be used to modify data in place in a file?
  4. How can dd be used to wipe out an entire disk?
  5. How can dd be used for data recovery?
    1. ddrescue what can it be used for?
  6. How can dd be used for benchmarking drive performance?
  7. How can dd be used for generating a file with random sized data?
  8. How can dd be used to convert a file to upper case?
  9. How can dd be used to create empty files with different file sizes?
  10. What are the different practical uses for tune2fs command?

Week 8

  1. What is the main advantage of using Logical Volume (via LVM) over traditional partition to host file system?
  2. I am using LVM for my file system, do I still have to monitor the usage of my file systems? Why?
  3. I have schedule cron to run my file system usage checking script last night at 2:00am. Where can I verify that the script had actually been executed by cron if no warning message had been generated by the script?