OSTEP Meeting 2012-10-16

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To Do


  • Fix Scotland directory stuff
  • Pidora
    • 25% through initial build pass
    • No issues to report


  • Koji 2: Waiting on larger packageset
  • Scratch guys say we are boned
  • Kidsruby
    • Working on it
  • Adafruit
    • Package from adafruit. Yeyz!
  • Raspberry Pi Project Showcase registration/wiki is set up


  • Launching Backup script tomorrow
    • IN parallel with max's script
    • Monitor space constraints
  • support Jordan with Scratch
  • Moving Builders to f17
    • Proof of concept doesn't work
      • Why?
    • 3.6 experiences crashes with f17 in both HFP and SFP during perl build
    • To Do
      • Try several different kernels
      • Check for package mismatch (eg Yum, RPM, etc)


  • I'm here to help
  • Scratch
    • What is raspbian doing that we aren't
  • Yubikey Proposal needs typing
  • Bug Chris regarding trimslice tracking stuff