OSD600 20102 Student List

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OSD600 Student List for Summer of 2010

Pleae make sure:

  • You have a registered name for IRC; irc.freenode.net server.
  • You have a blog

Please add your information to the table below if you are a student in OSD600, Summer of 2010.
If any of your blog, irc nick or group project page is not set yet, fill the cell with a "-".

If you are creating a new page on wiki, always start the name of the page with OSD600 20102 unless you believe the page has content that can be useful for general public.

OSD600 - 2010 student list
First Name Last Name Seneca Id wiki id IRC nick Blog URL Check IN/OUT
Fardad Soleimanloo fardad.soleimanloo fardad fardad My Blog Time sheet
Ali Samimi asamimi asamimi asa_ Ali's Blog Time Sheet-
David Takasaki dtakasak Takasaki Takasaki My Blog Time sheet-
Thupten Choephel tchoephel thupten thupten Thupten's Blog Time Sheet-
Yong Hong yhong17 xderick910 yhong17 xderick's Blog Time Sheet