OPS335 Assignment 1 - 2016-1

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OPS335 Assignment 1

Weight: 10% of the overall grade

Due Date:

  • If your professor is Andrew Smith: 22 February, 2016
  • If your professor is Murray Saul: 8 March, 2016 (in class)

Your tasks

Virtual Network

Create a new virtual network on your Host Machine.

  • Assign a newly-created virtual network the name: asg1net, and set forwarding to any physical device
    (refer to lab setup. You can have have 2 different network names: "asg1net" and "ops335" without causing any problems).
  • Addresses in this network will start with 10.161 followed by the last two digits of your student number (just as your main virtual network). The subnet mask must be
  • There must NOT be a DHCP server running for this network!
  • All the machines for this assignment will be connected to your newly-created virtual network called: asg1net

Create a "Cloning Source" VM (asg1net Virtual Network)

Create a virtual machine that you will use as a template (i.e. a cloning source). It should have a command-line interface only. Configure it to be a good cloning source, making certain it has all the following elements prior to cloning:

  1. Don't make the virtual drive too big: you will need space for it as well as space for the clones you from your cloning source
    (2GB should be enough for any cloning source and clone VM that you create for this assignment).
  2. Make certain that you can login to your cloning source. The minimum commands required are: host, dig, netstat, links.
  3. Do not install software on your cloning source: you are expected to install other software on your "cloned" VMs instead. For example, if you are required to install bind in a clone, install it in the clone as opposed to the "cloning source".
  4. Configure your network with a static configuration. Refer to the table below for IP address and hostname.
  5. Make certain that you have iptables services enabled and running instead of Firewalld. The default rules should suffice.
  6. If you have created a regular user when you installed the machine, delete that regular user (you are to use only the root account).
  7. Set up an SSH server on this "cloning source". Make sure that the root account is only permitted to log in using key authentication. If user users are required to be created later, they should be permitted to log in with a their username and password.
  8. Generate a new key pair on your Host Machine (don't delete the existing one), called: id_rsa_asg1
  9. Make sure you can log in from your regular user on your Host Machine to root on the "cloning source" virtual machine using specifically that key.
  10. Do not place that newly-generated private key on the "cloning source" VM.

Clone "ns1" VM from "Cloning Source" & Perform Setup Tasks

Perform the following steps for this section:

  1. Create a clone called: ns1 from the "cloning source" that will act as your master DNS server on the asg1net network. Refer to the table below for address and hostname.
  2. Make certain that your DNS server must has all the records for the zone called: ops335a1.org listed in that table, including records for machines that do not exist as of yet. It is important to understand that DNS records live independently from the machines that they are "pointing" to.
  3. A default setup for a master DNS server should be sufficient, but make certain that the address of your admin contact is: yoursenecaid@ops335a1.org, and that slave DNS servers will check for updated records from this master every 30 minutes.

Clone "ns2" VM from "Cloning Source" & Perform Setup Tasks

Perform the following steps for this section:

  1. Create a clone called ns2 from the cloning source that will act as your slave DNS server on the asg1net network. Refer to the table below for address and hostname.
  2. The ns2 machine will serve the same records as ns1.

Reference Materials: List of Machines / DNS Records

All the machines in the table need DNS records, but only the ones in bold need to be existing machines for this assignment.

Name Address Purpose
host.ops335a1.org 10.161.X.1 Your host machine
ns1.ops335a1.org 10.161.X.2 Master name server
ns2.ops335a1.org 10.161.X.3 Slave name server
file.ops335a1.org 10.161.X.4 File server
www.ops335a1.org 10.161.X.5 Web server
source.ops335a1.org 10.161.X.254 Disk image to clone from when creating new machines.

Create a Test Plan

Perform the following steps:

  1. Create a test plan (Libre Office, MS Word, etc) with at least 5 test cases to verify that you've completed the assignment according to specifications. A good starting point would be to view the test plan that you used in the second DNS lab.
    NOTE: These test plans that you create are not required to be exhaustive, but they should successfully demonstrate the completion of this assignment's requirements.

  2. The document that you are required to submit should be exported into the PDF format. You are required to submit only the PDF document (along with required screenshots - refer to "Assignment Submission" section).
  3. This document is required to appear professional (although you are not using a "dedicated" testing platform like in industry).

Assignment Submission

Submit the following in Blackboard, Moodle, or whatever your professor specifies in class or "class announements" (For Murray Saul, also send these in an e-mail (subject line: OPS335 assignment1) with the following attachments):

  1. Screenshots to demonstrate you have accomplished the required tasks for this assignment.
    This includes: configuration files, service statuses, and basic tests of functionality. NOTE: You MUST take screenshoots of the ENTIRE screen as opposed to only the VM console.
  2. Your test plan in PDF format.
  • Demonstrate working assignment to your instructor in class:
    • Also you need to show your assignment to the professor in a lab period (like you would for any lab for "sign-off"). This requires you to prepare everything ahead of time so that you can quickly demonstrate to your instructor that all required parts of your assignment are working.