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Open Office Projects for Seneca Students:

Resources to help you with your projects:

Available Projects

Taken Projects

Project LinkCandidate NameDate
4.4 Fix MouseWheel jump in Calc Ladan Zahiroleslam (l_zahir)Feb 24, 2009
Make Impress master pages copyable (7)Bartosz Barcicki (Bbarcick)Feb 24, 2009
Understand the Impress application (6)Fred Wang (Wfred) Feb 24, 2009
(Seneca 4) Build OOo on OpenSolarisTiago Moreira (Kamots)Feb. 25, 2009
(Seneca 18) Upgrade Python to 2.6 (click me)Andrew Braini (Arbraini)Feb. 26, 2009
(seneca 8)Attach Impress animations to stylesDaeseon MoonFeb. 27, 2009

Impress 12 : (Seneca 16) Implement additional 3D slideshow transitions (clickme)

Jerry Pau (jtpau)

Feb. 27, 2009