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2008 Fall Semester

Here are the rooms that are booked for the Monday 3:30 LUX faculty meetings:

 Sep  8	T1042 Banner room
 Sep 15	T1042 Banner room
 Sep 29	T1030 Fishbowl
 Oct  6	T1012 Boardroom
 Oct 13	(Thanksgiving Monday - Holiday - No meeting)
 Oct 20	(Study week - No meeting)
 Oct 27	T1030 Fishbowl
 Nov  3	T1012 Boardroom
 Nov 10	T1030 Fishbowl
 Nov 17	T1012 Boardroom
 Dec  1	T1012 Boardroom
 Dec  8	T1030 Fishbowl
  • T1042 "Banner room" is the room with the Open Source banners hanging in the windows that you can see from the elevators on the first floor of TEL.
  • T1030 "Fishbowl" is the room we met in a last time.
  • T1012 "Boardroom" is the boardroom with the large conference table and the plasma screens, diagonally opposite the fishbowl.