Improving Gaming Performance

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Improving Gaming Performance


Thesis Statement


To what extent can the use of sound systems, big and high resolution screens, caffeine usage, and relaxation techniques improve gaming performance?


Information-Rich Virtual Environment (IRVE), experiment, field of view, large high-resolution displays, user study, wayfinding aid


The effects of low doses of caffeine on human performance and mood:

Effects of Acute Psychosocial Stress on Working Memory Related Brain Activity in Men:

High fat diet increases hippocampal oxidative stress and cognitive impairment in aged mice: implications for decreased Nrf2 signaling:

Effects of caffeine and glucose, alone and combined, on cognitive performance:

The Hax Life:

Effects of caffeine and noise on mood, performance and cardiovascular functioning:

Learning to react like a god:

Understanding and crafting the mix: the art of recording:

Increased display size and resolution improve task performance in Information-Rich Virtual Environments:

Research Notes

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