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[3:49pm] tdot: haha

[3:49pm] tdot: because things end up being a hacked together mess

[3:49pm] tdot: you have html and php all crammed together

[3:49pm] OzZy_M: isn't PHP not secure either?

[3:49pm] tdot: calling functions from who knows where who knows how

[3:49pm] tdot: nah php is pretty secure

[3:50pm] Vovko: it all depend on your design

[3:50pm] tdot: older versions has unsecure features enabled by default

[3:50pm] Vovko: u can use templater and separate code from html

[3:50pm] tdot: thats why it had that rep

[3:50pm] OzZy_M: oic

[3:50pm] tdot: but that was like, 10 years ago lol

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[3:51pm] tdot: i just like the idea of asp.net more

[3:51pm] tdot: its still a little messy but much better than php

[3:51pm] OzZy_M: wtf

[3:51pm] tdot: you have two files, one for html and control, one for code-behind

[3:52pm] OzZy_M: Komodo Edit will work fine with my INT account, but not my SYS account?! POS

[3:52pm] tdot: lol what is that

[3:52pm] adgezaza: i've been using codeigniter which is a php app that uses the same idea with controllers

[3:52pm] OzZy_M: lets you remotely edit files

[3:52pm] adgezaza: at least i think so, im still working with it

[3:52pm] tdot: haha

[3:53pm] tdot: ask ctyler hes the linux expert

[3:53pm] tdot: and adgezaza: yes, of course you *can* seperate code from design in php

[3:53pm] OzZy_M: Windows version lol

[3:53pm] tdot: but he might know why it doesnt work on different linux accounts

[3:53pm] OzZy_M: ah

[3:53pm] CloudScorpion: adgezaza: I prefer to seperate code and design in php, much clearner and easier to read

[3:54pm] tdot: but, php by design tempts you to do it

[3:54pm] adgezaza: CloudScorpion: i've started to optimize the site im working on to do that

[3:54pm] Vovko: sorry i was on a phone

[3:54pm] tdot: you can stick the php in your html, why write a whole system to parse and send out files

[3:54pm] adgezaza: CloudScorpion: still learning though lol

[3:54pm] tdot: it would be 5 times the work if youre doing a simple site

[3:54pm] CloudScorpion: I read, I am actually working with php as we speed

[3:54pm] CloudScorpion: speak*

[3:55pm] adgezaza: tdot: i guess for security purposes, it all depends ont he scale of the project if you really need to do it or not

[3:55pm] tdot: oh im sure php is secure

[3:55pm] Vovko: or install smarty and spend couple of weeks understanding how it works

[3:55pm] adgezaza: i'm just gonna be parsing data from a database for one page so the codeigniter framework im working with is def. overkill but great learning tool

[3:56pm] tdot: or you could do it in asp.net in probably half the time

[3:57pm] adgezaza: tdot: i'm gonna try not to overload my brain right now with more languages lol

[3:57pm] tdot: i can tell you now, people who have worked in PHP before without much programming experience will be impressed in INT422

[3:58pm] adgezaza: cool

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[3:58pm] adgezaza: Vovko: whats smarty?

[3:58pm] Vovko: adgezaza: templater, allowes you split code from design

[3:59pm] adgezaza: Vovko: same idea as codeigniter?

[4:00pm] tdot: lol

[4:00pm] tdot: i hate hate hate hate web programming

[4:00pm] Vovko: no, codeigniter is a framework , smatry is a templater, u create .tlp files with your designs, variables become somethiung like Template:Variable

[4:00pm] Vovko: tdot: gluck

[4:01pm] adgezaza: Vovko: ill check it out

[4:01pm] xzhang148 joined the chat room.

[4:01pm] tdot: probably thats most of the reason i hate php

[4:01pm] Vovko: dont hate the game, hate the player

[4:01pm] adgezaza: lolz

[4:02pm] Vovko: adgezaza: team meeting time ?

[4:02pm] Vovko: where is fardad?

[4:02pm] adgezaza: Vovko: just waiting for fardad

[4:02pm] jasonaburton: Thats what I was thinking

[4:02pm] • tdot slaps fardad around a bit with a large trout

[4:02pm] Vovko: * slap :Unknown command

[4:02pm] Vovko:

[4:02pm] Vovko: stupid X-Chat

[4:03pm] dperit: Are we doing it in here?

[4:03pm] jasonaburton: yeep

[4:03pm] adgezaza: dperit: supposed to

[4:03pm] Vovko: so farlog could log it

[4:03pm] tdot: thats what farlog does

[4:04pm] jasonaburton: adgezaza: FMA was sweet.

[4:04pm] adgezaza: well he can take his time, i'm enjoying the sun

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[4:04pm] adgezaza: jasonaburton: ill check it out when I get home

[4:04pm] adgezaza: jasonaburton: how many episodes are left you think?

[4:05pm] jasonaburton: I would say 2

[4:05pm] adgezaza: jasonaburton: k don't spoil anything

[4:06pm] • Vovko is hazing his own server with vpn,ssh, tycoon and hookers

[4:07pm] jasonaburton: good job.

[4:08pm] jasonaburton: adgezaza: it says there is 60 episodes and I just watched no. 58

[4:08pm] • adgezaza sipping an ice coffee layed back under the sun

[4:08pm] jasonaburton: so I dunno

[4:08pm] jasonaburton: probably 2 left.

[4:09pm] dperit: Well, what shall we talk about today? Coding styles, naming conventions, that sort of thing? Also divide up the remaining functions for people to write?

[4:09pm] dperit: When fardad gets here, I mean

[4:09pm] adgezaza: sure

[4:09pm] jasonaburton: Sure.

[4:09pm] Vovko: noo

[4:09pm] jasonaburton: YES voldemort.

[4:09pm] dperit: Anyone have anything else they want to mention, just say so

[4:09pm] Vovko: fardad said fist meeting is about irc

[4:09pm] adgezaza: thats pretty much what we did

[4:09pm] adgezaza: in class

[4:09pm] jasonaburton: Well, we basically just had that meeting didnt we

[4:09pm] Vovko: thats it

[4:09pm] Vovko: we can go now

[4:09pm] dperit: Yup

[4:10pm] jasonaburton: ...

[4:10pm] • adgezaza sigh

[4:10pm] dperit: No, we should get a sense of direction on the project

[4:10pm] jasonaburton: Agreed.

[4:10pm] Vovko: k

[4:10pm] dperit: so that we can work on it when we have time

[4:10pm] dperit: Before things get too rushed

[4:10pm] adgezaza: we have to write a couple functions by the end of next week no?

[4:10pm] jasonaburton: smart.

[4:10pm] jasonaburton: apparently.

[4:10pm] Vovko: aaand?

[4:11pm] jasonaburton: thats why we need this meeting.

[4:11pm] jasonaburton: we need to know what is due and when

[4:11pm] dperit: So there are simple and complex functions

[4:11pm] jasonaburton: there's no direction atm

[4:11pm] dperit: simple are due june 6th, complex are due on the 13th

[4:11pm] adgezaza: are we still making a text editor

[4:11pm] adgezaza: ?

[4:12pm] jasonaburton: i guess

[4:12pm] dperit: Yeah, we are

[4:12pm] jasonaburton: So, as far as I know...the simple functions were the functions he laid out in class

[4:12pm] jasonaburton: right?

[4:12pm] jasonaburton: the ones in the book

[4:12pm] jasonaburton: that have to do with the console

[4:12pm] adgezaza: yeah

[4:12pm] adgezaza: so we can just split it up by compiler

[4:12pm] adgezaza: dibs on unix

[4:12pm] dperit: That appears to be the case, yes

[4:13pm] dperit: Should we split by compiler or by function?

[4:13pm] jasonaburton: I don't think there's "dibs" here. It's if you are letter A you do this, B, that, etc.

[4:13pm] adgezaza: function sounds better so we can to play with all the compilers

[4:13pm] adgezaza: jasonaburton: your fired

[4:13pm] Vovko: adgezaza :i agree

[4:13pm] dperit: I didn't see that each person got assigned to a specific function by fardad

[4:13pm] jasonaburton: oh okay. Well maybe not.

[4:14pm] adgezaza: still fired

[4:14pm] jasonaburton: that's the sense I got after last class.

[4:14pm] dperit: Once we get past the simple functions, all of the complex functions should pretty much be platform independent

[4:14pm] adgezaza: i think just the console functions are platform dependent, most of what we do alter will be universal?

[4:15pm] dperit left the chat room. (Remote host closed the connection)

[4:15pm] adgezaza: after*

[4:15pm] jasonaburton: look, you offended him adge...

[4:15pm] jasonaburton: tsk tsk

[4:15pm] dperit joined the chat room.

[4:15pm] adgezaza: if i knew the command to slap i would slap you

[4:15pm] dperit: Sigh, crash

[4:15pm] jasonaburton: haha

[4:15pm] dperit: What did I miss in the last few seconds?

[4:16pm] jasonaburton: everything

[4:16pm] jasonaburton: you might as well look up the logs.

[4:16pm] OzZy_M: lol

[4:16pm] dperit: ...

[4:16pm] dperit: So let's figure out what remains to be done

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[4:18pm] adgezaza: sorry i gust of wind just knocked an umbrella on me

[4:18pm] dperit: So fardad covered the VCC code in class

[4:18pm] adgezaza: closed my laptop to protect it

[4:18pm] dperit: That's greaaaaaat

[4:18pm] jasonaburton: what a life you live adrian

[4:18pm] adgezaza: it was serious

[4:19pm] jasonaburton: serious business

[4:19pm] adgezaza: i got a bit scared, one umbrella snapped in half....so wierd

[4:19pm] adgezaza: out of no where

[4:19pm] dperit: And we have part of the platform for linux

[4:19pm] dperit: Actually, part of the vcc platform is missing

[4:19pm] adgezaza: well we have the book

[4:20pm] jasonaburton: there's barely anything on linux or mac

[4:20pm] jasonaburton: but yeah some is missing from vcc

[4:20pm] dperit: I'll make a list

[4:20pm] jasonaburton: good idea!

[4:21pm] • adgezaza sips on his coffee

[4:21pm] adgezaza: thanks david

[4:21pm] • jasonaburton is maxin and relaxin

[4:22pm] adgezaza: and vlad continues to flood his work with hookers

[4:22pm] adgezaza: we need Fardad to give us our repositories

[4:23pm] Vovko: im at home

[4:23pm] Vovko: with hookers

[4:23pm] adgezaza: VPN

[4:23pm] adgezaza: lol

[4:23pm] Vovko: damn wasted day

[4:23pm] jasonaburton: I bet.

[4:26pm] jasonaburton: That's true, we need our repositories before we can combine our code.

[4:26pm] dperit: http://pastebin.com/a0Tq5bLF

[4:26pm] dperit: There

[4:26pm] dperit: That's a list of the functions that seem to be needing completion in iof.c

[4:27pm] jasonaburton: is this being logged?

[4:27pm] Vovko: shal we simplye 23 devide between 4 of us

[4:27pm] dperit: Yeah

[4:27pm] fardad: yes

[4:27pm] adgezaza: fardad: oh hai

[4:27pm] jasonaburton: brb, firefox is acting up

[4:28pm] Vovko: fardad is watchin us

[4:28pm] dperit: I'm assuming that all of the functions that were present in VCC will need to be present in all platforms

[4:28pm] jasonaburton left the chat room.

[4:29pm] adgezaza: you sure?

[4:29pm] dperit: No

[4:29pm] dperit: But that's really not important

[4:29pm] dperit: you'll figure that out as you work

[4:29pm] adgezaza: let me check

[4:29pm] dperit: the important part is to get us started on it, so that we have something to do. If we encounter problems we just troubleshoot and communicate

[4:30pm] jasonaburton joined the chat room.

[4:30pm] jasonaburton: Allo, miss anything important?

[4:30pm] dperit: Okay, so who already has each platform setup?

[4:30pm] fardad: dperit: Amen to that

[4:31pm] dperit: I just have linux and mac

[4:31pm] jasonaburton: I have access to windows and mac.

[4:31pm] dperit: I could dual boot this mac to have VCC and borland.

[4:31pm] Vovko: Windows, Linux, Mac

[4:31pm] adgezaza: i have access to mac (first) and i can do windows if needed

[4:32pm] CloudScorpion: Protip: Real programmers don't own Macs.

[4:32pm] dperit: I have windows on a separate machine at home, but I have a tendency to play games on it instead of actually working on it

[4:32pm] jasonaburton: I was thinking about dual booting, so maybe this weekend I'll try a triple boot or something.

[4:32pm] adgezaza: i wrote something on how to do it

[4:32pm] OzZy_M: CloudScorpion: signed

[4:32pm] Vovko: CloudScorpion where do you see real programmers here?

[4:32pm] OzZy_M: <----

[4:32pm] tdot: <--

[4:32pm] CloudScorpion: fardad

[4:33pm] CloudScorpion: tdot

[4:33pm] CloudScorpion: lol

[4:33pm] Vovko: ha-ha

[4:33pm] adgezaza: lolz

[4:33pm] dperit: so I have lnx, mac. Adgezaza has mac (and linux on matrix), jason and vlad are willing to do windows and borland work?

[4:33pm] jasonaburton: Why don't they own macs?

[4:33pm] CloudScorpion: cuz they are real programmers

[4:33pm] Vovko: no borland plz

[4:33pm] Vovko: linux and mac

[4:33pm] dperit: How many platforms do we need again?

[4:33pm] jasonaburton: For borland all you need is to install the compiler on windows right?

[4:33pm] jasonaburton: 4

[4:33pm] fardad is now known as fardad_afk.

[4:33pm] dperit: Yeah

[4:33pm] adgezaza: jasonaburton: http://www.alphaorganicmedia.com/blog/?p=275

[4:33pm] OzZy_M: I'm having trouble setting up borland

[4:34pm] jasonaburton: adgezaza: that'll be my weekend project.

[4:34pm] Vovko: ah k

[4:34pm] OzZy_M: I installed it and changed the 2 settings it says to change, but i can't get the compiler to compile

[4:34pm] Vovko: i dont care

[4:34pm] adgezaza: i have a pc that i use for gaming but i can install VS if i need

[4:34pm] Vovko: OzZy_M real programmer, huh?

[4:34pm] jasonaburton: haha

[4:34pm] OzZy_M:

[4:35pm] • dperit has a vicious bout of NERD RAGE

[4:35pm] jasonaburton: calm down, calm down

[4:35pm] dperit: ARRRRR OFFTOPIC

[4:35pm] dperit: all better now

[4:35pm] Vovko: whoa

[4:35pm] Vovko: scarry

[4:35pm] dperit: Nah, it's cool

[4:35pm] adgezaza: k so lets decide what functions each member is going to do

[4:36pm] OzZy_M:

[4:36pm] adgezaza: or devide by plateform?

[4:36pm] adgezaza: divide*

[4:36pm] OzZy_M: I thought fardad was going to decide that

[4:36pm] dperit: Can everyone have access to all 4 platforms without too much difficulty?

[4:36pm] dperit: is he?

[4:36pm] OzZy_M: that is why each member has a letter assigned to them on the wiki page

[4:36pm] jasonaburton: I knew it!!!

[4:36pm] adgezaza: i can triple boot my mac if needed

[4:36pm] OzZy_M: A-F

[4:36pm] adgezaza: i want the pornstar function

[4:36pm] dperit: We'll avoid doing that

[4:36pm] OzZy_M: lol

[4:36pm] jasonaburton: Adge, let's make that a weekend project. I remember the last time I did it, It was ANNOYING.

[4:36pm] dperit: ... you had to say it...

[4:37pm] OzZy_M: w/e

[4:37pm] dperit: Jason, do you also have both linux and OS X on your mac?

[4:37pm] Vovko: tripple boot foot fetish function hardcore

[4:37pm] OzZy_M: EVERYONE was thinking it when he put it up

[4:37pm] jasonaburton: nope. I did

[4:37pm] jasonaburton: but I got rid of them.

[4:37pm] dperit: So what do you have now?

[4:37pm] jasonaburton: if only I knew I Would need them again.

[4:37pm] jasonaburton: just mac.

[4:37pm] adgezaza: i had it but wiped my harddrive when i put snowleopard on

[4:37pm] jasonaburton: But this weekend I will install all 3

[4:37pm] dperit: Okay. So just dual to windows

[4:37pm] adgezaza: i can do it again over the weekend if needed.

[4:37pm] dperit: and linux you can get on matrix

[4:38pm] jasonaburton: okay.

[4:38pm] adgezaza: yeah matrix sounds like the simpler solution

[4:38pm] jasonaburton: yeah much simpler

[4:38pm] adgezaza: triple boot takes a good couple hours

[4:38pm] adgezaza: and valuable hdd space

[4:38pm] dperit: We also won't have to worry about platform differences within linux

[4:38pm] dperit: I will dual boot my mac to have windows

[4:38pm] jasonaburton: and borland on windows and we're all set.

[4:38pm] Vovko: hm....

[4:39pm] jasonaburton: yes Vlad?

[4:39pm] Vovko: first thing we should do and commint to svn is just a bunch of prototypes

[4:39pm] Vovko: we dont need to worry about platforms

[4:39pm] Vovko: its almost done, we need to copy and paste it 3 more times

[4:39pm] dperit: Yes, I'll do that once we get SVN access

[4:39pm] dperit: Then everyone checks that out and works off of it

[4:40pm] jasonaburton: Yeah at the moment we don't need to worry about platforms but we will in the future no?

[4:40pm] jasonaburton: when testing and such

[4:40pm] adgezaza: if you are working on it do a quick update with a comment saying "IM WORKING ON IT" so no body wastes their time and can work on a another function

[4:40pm] dperit: We'll be assigning functions and platforms to avoid that

[4:41pm] dperit: Everyone in our group should have a list of what they are working

[4:41pm] adgezaza: for this first part? than lets get assinging

[4:41pm] dperit: on

[4:41pm] dperit: Yeah. Someone said that fardad would be assigning the functions?

[4:41pm] adgezaza: is he still here?

[4:41pm] dperit: If so, please say where you found that from

[4:41pm] dperit: If you can't, we'll assume he isn't

[4:41pm] adgezaza: i never heard that

[4:41pm] adgezaza: from fardad i mean

[4:42pm] dperit: Yeah. So we'll put that under unsubstantiated rumours

[4:42pm] jasonaburton: Well, he mentioned it in class, but I wasn't sure what he was referring to, whether it ws these simple functions or something in the future

[4:42pm] dperit: it?

[4:42pm] adgezaza: okay lets just devide by platform

[4:42pm] OzZy_M left the chat room.

[4:42pm] adgezaza: its much eaiser for this first part

[4:42pm] adgezaza: 4 platforms, 4 members

[4:42pm] jasonaburton: he mentioned that we would all be lettered off, A B C D, etc. and that we would be assigned different parts to work on

[4:42pm] dperit: Yeah, and someone gets a really easy job with VCC

[4:43pm] jasonaburton: but I don't know if he meant it for these simple functions or maybe the complex ones

[4:43pm] dperit: I remember him saying that if he needs to assign something to group members, he could use the letters to do it. But he didn't say he would do it for these functions

[4:43pm] adgezaza: give it to jason cause we all know he will spend 2 hours figuring out something thats already done

[4:43pm] jasonaburton: Okay, well, let's just assign it ourselves them.

[4:43pm] jasonaburton: then

[4:43pm] adgezaza: lolz

[4:43pm] dperit: Right. Fardad never said he would assign these functions, that subject is now buried

[4:43pm] dperit: let's assign these

[4:43pm] jasonaburton: I say we divide up the functions

[4:44pm] dperit: I think that this is a good time for all of us to get experience with all of the platforms

[4:44pm] jasonaburton: not platforms (because VCC is practically done)

[4:44pm] Vovko: shuffle , devide by 4

[4:44pm] adgezaza: alright, let someone do the dividing, i don't mind what i get

[4:44pm] dperit: If you can't get access to all four platforms, say so now

[4:44pm] jasonaburton: yeah so divide up the functions between the group members. We each get a function or two to work in all platforms

[4:44pm] adgezaza: try to keep me off linux

[4:45pm] adgezaza: for now

[4:45pm] adgezaza: i hate matrix

[4:45pm] dperit: You'll only be running stuff on it

[4:45pm] dperit: You'll be coding on mac

[4:45pm] Vovko: im takin linux

[4:45pm] dperit: And it's not that hard just to do a copy all with sftp

[4:45pm] jasonaburton: yeah its true adrian

[4:45pm] dperit: I would like to have everyone having access to all four platforms

[4:45pm] adgezaza: alright, i guess komodo can help

[4:45pm] jasonaburton: (he really does hate matrix though, I've seen him deal with it in person - it isn't pretty)

[4:46pm] dperit: this is a great opportunity to make sure everyone has that

[4:46pm] dperit: So everyone could get functions from each of the platforms

[4:46pm] Vovko: ok so lets assing every functio name to a platform

[4:46pm] Vovko: so it wll be 23 * 4 functions

[4:46pm] dperit: ?

[4:46pm] jasonaburton: lol

[4:46pm] Vovko: each with a platform tag

[4:46pm] Vovko: shuffle it

[4:46pm] dperit: It's already subdivided in that list

[4:46pm] adgezaza: go for it

[4:46pm] dperit: Hold on

[4:46pm] Vovko: and devide by 4

[4:46pm] jasonaburton: Adrian gets the prnstr function.

[4:46pm] dperit: Did you read the list?

[4:47pm] Vovko: 1sy time

[4:47pm] dperit: it has VCC, BCC, LNX, and MAC lines which divide it into each platform

[4:47pm] Vovko: ooohh

[4:47pm] Vovko: sry

[4:47pm] dperit: there are only a maximum of 7 functions per platform

[4:47pm] jasonaburton: OH! David could you resend that pastebin link?

[4:47pm] Vovko: then its ever easier

[4:47pm] dperit: And some of those are already complete

[4:47pm] dperit: http://pastebin.com/a0Tq5bLF

[4:48pm] Vovko: then shuffle these 23 and devide

[4:48pm] adgezaza: i want some noms lets hurry

[4:48pm] dperit: 19. How about I'll handle that

[4:48pm] dperit: You got somewhere to be?

[4:48pm] jasonaburton: I need to leave at 5 guys.

[4:48pm] adgezaza: noms = food

[4:48pm] dperit: Okay then,

[4:48pm] jasonaburton: Look, its easy. If you look carefully, prnstr only needs to be done on 3 platforms

[4:48pm] jasonaburton: so Adrian, you take prnstr.

[4:48pm] adgezaza: david just divide for us

[4:49pm] jasonaburton: putch needs 3 platforms

[4:49pm] jasonaburton: so someone take putch

[4:49pm] adgezaza: easier than us picking and choosing and conflicting

[4:49pm] jasonaburton: dividing is not good, its creating more work for everyone

[4:49pm] jasonaburton: why not each of us take 2 functions each

[4:49pm] jasonaburton: we code them for different platforms

[4:49pm] dperit: Okay, sure

[4:49pm] jasonaburton: and eliminate A LOT of work.

[4:50pm] jasonaburton: because once you code a function in one platform, it'll be easy peasy to code it into another.

[4:50pm] dperit: Adrian, feel free to leave, I'll just e-mail it to you

[4:50pm] adgezaza: i got some tiem

[4:50pm] jasonaburton: Okay, so let's just start from the top

[4:50pm] jasonaburton: and go down

[4:50pm] adgezaza: sounds good

[4:50pm] jasonaburton: so iof_end is only needed in two platforms

[4:50pm] jasonaburton: so who wants that?

[4:51pm] Vovko: damn

[4:51pm] Vovko: dont ask

[4:51pm] Vovko: just give it

[4:51pm] adgezaza: yes

[4:51pm] jasonaburton: Okay. Vlad, you take iof_end

[4:51pm] adgezaza: just give plesae

[4:51pm] Vovko: thx

[4:51pm] adgezaza: this is not a democracy!

[4:51pm] jasonaburton: iof flush, adge you take that.

[4:51pm] dperit: VCC END: Jason

[4:51pm] adgezaza: one person assign please

[4:51pm] adgezaza: let david go through it

[4:51pm] dperit: Okay, hold up

[4:51pm] jasonaburton: Wait wait wait.

[4:52pm] jasonaburton: there's a discrepancy here

[4:52pm] Vovko: let me devide them, m/

[4:52pm] adgezaza: jasonaburton: quite

[4:52pm] Vovko: ?

[4:52pm] jasonaburton: I thought what we would do, is assign 1 function..so when I say one function I mean...one function across ALL platforms

[4:52pm] dperit: Okay, vlad, divide them

[4:52pm] Vovko: k thx

[4:52pm] • adgezaza sigh

[4:52pm] Vovko: 1 min

[4:52pm] adgezaza: thank you

[4:54pm] adgezaza: is everyone okay with this style

[4:54pm] adgezaza: http://pastebin.com/jcMZ2BYB

[4:54pm] Vovko: yes

[4:54pm] jasonaburton: Not to be a bother, but my understanding is that it would be easier if we divided the functions up (for all 4 platforms) so if you get iof_end, you do iof_end for all platforms? that way you only need to change a few lines of code per function. Saves some work? if not, that's fine.

[4:54pm] Vovko: wea re here to learn...

[4:55pm] dperit: And it's really not much work

[4:55pm] jasonaburton: Fine fine, but in the future, it might be?

[4:55pm] dperit: and it's good for us to have a good understanding of how the platforms work

[4:55pm] jasonaburton: anyways, go on.

[4:55pm] dperit: In the future, it'll be different

[4:55pm] jasonaburton: I know, that's what I was saying

[4:55pm] Vovko: chill for a bit

[4:56pm] adgezaza: update: http://pastebin.com/biWeZv6v

[4:56pm] adgezaza: aye aye?

[4:57pm] dperit: Okay. Where does the array naming scheme come from?

[4:57pm] jasonaburton: I don't understand the header comment

[4:57pm] jasonaburton: yeah I'm not a big fan of the underscore

[4:57pm] dperit: Were you in class for that, where you put the whole header file in an #ifdef

[4:57pm] jasonaburton: yes

[4:57pm] adgezaza: more clear http://pastebin.com/FF5PiAN8

[4:57pm] adgezaza: i just like to see arrays differently so they are easy to spot

[4:58pm] dperit: Well, you're always referring to them with brackets

[4:58pm] dperit: so it's not necessary, in my opinion

[4:58pm] jasonaburton: yeah, agreed.

[4:58pm] jasonaburton: I never did like underscores anyways

[4:58pm] adgezaza: maybe not always...but okay forget that

[4:58pm] dperit: I think the curly braces are good for readability

[4:59pm] dperit: And for variable names, you must make them descriptive, and don't use any short forms that are not universally understood

[4:59pm] jasonaburton: yeah I agree. the function style is perfect.

[4:59pm] dperit: like int, or num, are good

[4:59pm] jasonaburton: good good.

[4:59pm] adgezaza: dperit: what do you mean, include int or num in the names?

[4:59pm] dperit: as part of variable names. arrayLocationCounter is a good name, I thnk

[5:00pm] jasonaburton: yeah, makes sense.

[5:00pm] dperit: arrLocCount is less readable

[5:00pm] jasonaburton: instead of a;

[5:00pm] jasonaburton: or whatever.

[5:00pm] dperit: and for int and num, those are some of the VERY short list of short forms that people understand

[5:00pm] adgezaza: okay

[5:01pm] adgezaza: http://pastebin.com/4aPZkJt3

[5:01pm] jasonaburton: so, are the functions being divided up by someone?

[5:01pm] dperit: Anything other than that should be avoided- it increases typing time (unless you are using intellisense) but it makes it so much clearer

[5:01pm] adgezaza: yes vlad is doing it

[5:01pm] dperit: Jason... Yes. Vlad is doing that

[5:01pm] dperit: Don't rush him

[5:01pm] jasonaburton: I wasn't sure. Cool.

[5:02pm] jasonaburton: also, the use of comments is obviously a rule.

[5:02pm] adgezaza: conditions like if, do, while, etc. should also have an opening brace on newline

[5:02pm] dperit: Okay. I might add to that document that the only short forms of words that should be used in names are ones that are universally understood. Like int for integer or num for number.

[5:02pm] adgezaza: alright

[5:03pm] jasonaburton: yep

[5:03pm] dperit: You can take advantage of refactoring features if you find it too cumbersome to use those while coding

[5:03pm] jasonaburton: sounds good

[5:03pm] jasonaburton: are you allowed to use C++ style comments in C?

[5:03pm] dperit: Like, do an intelligent find and replace if you really want to use x as a counter after you're done coding.

[5:03pm] dperit: Cool

[5:03pm] dperit: Um

[5:03pm] dperit: We'll find out

[5:03pm] jasonaburton: I always liked those better lol

[5:03pm] dperit: Comments should describe what each function does

[5:03pm] Vovko: its almost done

[5:04pm] adgezaza: alright, and yes im gonna be commenting with //

[5:04pm] dperit: And only present within functions for things that are hard to figure out

[5:04pm] jasonaburton: yeah // is good

[5:04pm] jasonaburton: if we can use them

[5:04pm] adgezaza: dperit: add what you want http://pastebin.com/r2BrXwrd

[5:04pm] dperit: I don't have anything else to add

[5:04pm] jasonaburton: and don't clutter up the code with comments for everything.

[5:04pm] adgezaza: k

[5:04pm] dperit: I know we all have a different coding style at this point. So just follow those general guidelines, and adopt good ideas from each-other

[5:05pm] adgezaza: agreed

[5:05pm] jasonaburton: yeah

[5:06pm] adgezaza: don't have to comment on every line but maybe be descriptive in your comments to avoid confusion

[5:06pm] dperit: Well, we can all read code... code with descriptive variable names tends to be self commenting

[5:06pm] adgezaza: and if there is something like the decode function we wrote last semester it might be a good idea to explain every line

[5:06pm] jasonaburton: yeah

[5:06pm] dperit: If it's tricky, or hard to figure out, comment

[5:07pm] dperit: If fardad says we need to be all exactly that same coding style or something, we can just refactor it all before doing a version release

[5:07pm] adgezaza: overkilling the comments might not be so bad david..obviously not more comments than code though

[5:07pm] jasonaburton: it just depends on the context.

[5:07pm] adgezaza: right

[5:07pm] jasonaburton: if it's insanely complicated, comment the heck outta it

[5:07pm] dperit: Yeah

[5:07pm] jasonaburton: otherwise, keep it to what is needed.

[5:08pm] dperit: Just do what you think is needed

[5:08pm] Vovko: Jason

[5:08pm] Vovko: oh

[5:08pm] jasonaburton: yes?

[5:08pm] dperit: Okay... I think we're all good. When Vlad gets the function assignments, that'll be the end of the meeting (no hurry)

[5:08pm] Vovko: no not yu

[5:08pm] jasonaburton: oh okay

[5:08pm] Vovko: i need to copy it here

[5:08pm] jasonaburton: good good.

[5:09pm] adgezaza: paste bim

[5:09pm] dperit: Paste bin

[5:09pm] Vovko: http://pastebin.com/DTWMrti5

[5:09pm] dperit: Beautiful

[5:09pm] dperit: Looks perfect

[5:09pm] jasonaburton: I have an undefined at the bottom? what's that.

[5:09pm] adgezaza: fine with me

[5:09pm] Vovko: one less

[5:09pm] Vovko: 19 functions

[5:09pm] Vovko: 4 ppl

[5:09pm] dperit: You have to go on a quest to find out, jason

[5:10pm] jasonaburton: lol

[5:10pm] dperit: undefined is what's in your heart

[5:10pm] jasonaburton: yippee

[5:10pm] adgezaza: dont forget your die

[5:10pm] adgezaza: might need them on your quest

[5:10pm] Vovko: ill post this link on wiki

[5:10pm] adgezaza: k

[5:10pm] jasonaburton: good idea.

[5:11pm] dperit: You have to write the undefined function in Brainfuck, BTW

[5:11pm] adgezaza: or lolzcode

[5:11pm] adgezaza: which ever

[5:11pm] Vovko:

[5:11pm] Vovko: lolcode is better

[5:11pm] dperit: Or that one where it looks like sonnets

[5:11pm] jasonaburton: I CAN HAZ STDIO.H?

[5:11pm] adgezaza: ill post the log?

[5:11pm] dperit: Sure, if you want

[5:11pm] jasonaburton: Sure.

[5:11pm] Vovko: emmm

[5:12pm] Vovko: will there be a separate page

[5:12pm] adgezaza: k

[5:12pm] adgezaza: right

[5:12pm] adgezaza: ill link it to our page

[5:12pm] Vovko: with a conlusion of this meeting ?

[5:12pm] dperit: brb

[5:12pm] Vovko: adge

[5:12pm] adgezaza: sure

[5:12pm] Vovko: im talking a bout wiki

[5:12pm] adgezaza: yeah

[5:12pm] Vovko: its very clean and neat now i dont want to ruin it

[5:13pm] Vovko: could you please create this page

[5:13pm] Vovko: and ill add a link after

[5:13pm] dperit: back

[5:14pm] jasonaburton: Okay, I need to go.

[5:14pm] jasonaburton: Are we wrapping up?

[5:14pm] Vovko: tes

[5:14pm] Vovko: it was good meeting

[5:14pm] dperit: Okay, cool. See you all later.

[5:15pm] Vovko: im glad that we could meet all together

[5:15pm] jasonaburton: lol vlad.

[5:15pm] jasonaburton:

[5:15pm] Vovko: thank you everyone to come and spend your time

[5:15pm] jasonaburton: Indeed, Friend.

[5:15pm] Vovko: I really appreciate it

[5:15pm] jasonaburton: We appreciate you Vlad.

[5:15pm] Vovko: I hope we continue this lovely tradition later on

[5:15pm] Vovko: I appreciate you Jason

[5:16pm] Vovko: what a lovely day

[5:16pm] Vovko: life is good

[5:16pm] Vovko: everybody dance!!!

[5:16pm] adgezaza: k bye ill uplaod