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Group Repository

Link to the assignment repository

Team Members

  1. Justin Wilkin
  2. Dima Rudeshko
  3. Davson Wandja
  4. Email all team members

Assigned Tasks

Team Member Task Location
Justin Wilkin Frame Rate Calculator FPS enhancement class located in Graphics/FPS.hpp

Engine.hpp updated to hold pointer to FPS instance:

   FPS* fps;

Engine.cpp updated to initialize FPS:

   //Within Engine<RS>::initialize
   fps = new FPS();

Engine.cpp updated to update FPS calculation:

   //Within Engine<RS>::render
   if (fps) {
Dima Rudeshko Scene Ordering reorderScene() function is located in Managers.cpp file and is called from Engine.cpp right after updateValues().

The enhancement provides +70fps advantage, and can be tested by removing a function call from Engine.cpp. reorderScene() function also includes an output of lengths of the objects at the end of it, in order for you to see the changes(needs to be un-commented).

Davson Wandja LOD Calculator lod variable is located under the template function void ActorManager<RS>::render() which is located under Engine/Managers.cpp. the variable lod increases or decreases depending on the variation of distance between the camera and the Actor in the scene. In order to see the change, the file enhancedTechniques.emtl needs to be modified and the Technique needs to be assigned to different values of lod.

Lab contribution

Team Member DirectX OpenGL
Justin Wilkin 2, 3, 4 8
Dima Rudeshko 1, 5, 7, 10 7, 10
Davson Wandja 6, 8, 9 9


The scene is created to test all of our enhancements. Speed can be changed on line 129: float increment2 = increment = 0.001;