Firefox Performance Testing : A Python framework for Windows:Comments/Ben Hearsum

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  • Do we need to install anything extra in cygwin or just the default install?
  • Is there any paticular order things need to be installed in?
  • Where do I put the msvcp71.dll?
  • I'm not sure if I need or want prefenences when I get to the "Instructions" section.
  • After installing python it isn't in the path. I don't understand why not!
  • The default report directory doesn't exist. It should be noted that this script does not do that OR the script should do that.
  • Getting error "TypeError: string indices must be integers". Totally lost at what to do.
  • Note that all of the config.yaml MUST BE TABBED IN!
  • Firefox refuses to open telling me that it is already running. I cannot find a lockfile anywhere on the system. I am at a dead end!