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Project Name

Fedora-ARM Dogfood -Koji Hub

Project Description

The Fedora-ARM koji system uese IRAQ,an x86_64 system, as the Koji hub.

The Fedora-ARM project to use ARM system as the Koji hub(this is called "Eating own dogfood" in the industry)

The project involves configuring the OpenRD-Client system as koji hub.

The Fedora ARM Koji system is running. It is currently building F13 under the supervision of Whalen and Chris Tyler. Koji have 22 hardware ARM builders. I am in the progress of building Fedora 13 under IRAQ.

Project Leader(s)

Young Chol Shon

Project Contributor(s)

No one contributed to this project

Project Details

Setting Up a Koji Build System

The Koji components may live on separate resources as long as all resources are able to communicate. To understand koji configuration is an important in project.

KOJI Configuration

  • SSL and authentication via certificates
  • Creating a database in PostgreSQL and importing a schema
  • Working with psql
  • Apache configuration
  • Koji web and Koji hub


On the server (koji-hub/koji-web)

  • httpd
  • mod_ssl
  • postgresql-server
  • mod_python (>= 3.3.1 for Kerberos authentication)

On the builder (koji-builder)

  • mock
  • rpm-build
  • createrepo

On the yum repository creation and maintenance (kojira)

On the Bootrapping the Koji build environment

  • Importing packages and preparing Koji to run builds
  • External Repos and preparing Koji to run builds

Project Plan

Goals for each release:

release 0.1 - Koji Certificates

setting up SSL Certificates for Authentication

  • Certificate generation
  • Generate CA
  • Generate the koji component certificates and the admin certificate
  • Copy certificates into ~/.koji for kojiadmin

release 0.2 - PostgreSQL and koji hub

release 0.2-1

1.PostgreSQL Server

  • Install PostgreSQL
  • Initialize PostgreSQL DB
  • Setup User Accounts
  • Setup PostgreSQL and populate schema
  • Authorize Koji-web and Koji-hub resources
  • Make auth changes live
  • SSL Certificate authentication
  • Give yourself admin permissions

release 0.2-2

2.Koji hub

  • Install koji-hub
  • Required Configuration
  • Optional Configuration
  • SELinux Configuration
  • Koji filesystem skeleton

  • 0.3 - Koji Web

release 0.3-1

1. kojiweb

  • Install Koji-Web
  • Required Configuration
  • Optional Configuration

2. Koji Builder

  • Install kojid
  • Required Configuration
  • Optional Configuration (SSL certificates)
  • Add the host entry for the koji builder to the database
  • Add the host to the createrepo channel
  • A note on capacity
  • Start Kojid


  • Install kojira
  • Required Configuration
  • Optional Configuration
  • Add the user entry for the kojira user
  • Start Kojira

release 0.3-2

2. Test kojiweb

  • User account
  • Build packages

Project News

1,November I will do Project Plan 0.1- I set up Koji Certificates

5,November I did build and create Koji Certifacation on IRAQ server.

19,November I set up Koji Database.

26,November Setting up Postgresql server for Koji part 1

6,Dec Setting up Postgresql server for Koji part two

16,Dev setting up Koji hub and Koji web,


How to get koji certificate?

Configuration of CDOT_Development system

How To Setting up and Using Koji on Fedora

PostgreSQL9.1 devel Document


importing packages and preparing Koji to run builds

External Repos and preparing Koji to run builds