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Please be aware of these facts when using the CD/DVD burners at Seneca's computer labs:

  • Most labs at Seneca College require students externally boot their lab machines (i.e. from removable disk drive) in order to use the CD / DVD burner...
  • On the other hand, the TEL OPEN LAB (Rm. T2113) allows students to boot Internally in order to download CD / DVD images onto their Desktop, and then burn them.
  • A repository refers to a "storage area" that contains images and applications for various Operating Systems (including Fedora). Seneca college has a Fedora repository, which allows the student to QUICKLY download, and burn their Fedora LIVE and or Installation CD / DVDs. Students can only access this repository from the college. In other words, they cannot connect to this repository from computer at home...
  • If you wish to download and burn from your home computer, please refer to the third download and Burning option in this page...
(Rm. T2113)
is one of the few areas at Seneca that allows the student to burn CD/DVDs without having to boot from an external (removable) hard drive.
Follow the instructions below to download and burn your Fedora 17 DVD and Fedora LIVE CD.

Before Proceeding with Download and Burning:

Make certain to only download and burn the 64-bit versions of the CD LIVE and DVD installation images. Although 32-bit versions will work on 64-bit computers, they can cause problems later in the OPS235 labs!!!

Procedure to Download and Burn a CD/DVD in TEL Open Lab:

  1. Set "Master Selector" on CPU to Internal.
  2. Power on Computer.
  3. Place CD/DVD media into the writable CD/DVD drive.
  4. To access the boot menu quicker, press ESC at the network boot procedure
  5. Select 2. Win 7 from the boot menu

    NOTE: It may be preferable to boot WINDOWS as opposed to Matrix
    (since you may have limited account space in your Matrix account to download a DVD image).

  6. Determine which image you want to download. Below are links to both the Fedora17 LIVE CD and Fedora17 DVD installation images:

    Fedora17 LIVE DVD:

    Fedora17 DVD Install:

You can only use the links above (via Seneca's Belmont server) from Seneca College.
The above links WILL NOT WORK when you are home or outside of Seneca College. Use the following links if you need to download from home:

  1. Right-click on the appropriate link (displayed above), and select "Save Link As" in the context menu, and select "Desktop" as the location, then click SAVE.

    The downloading procedure will be VERY fast (only a few minutes). You can tell if the file is currently downloading if you see two files: One the image file, and another file with the same name, but the additional title (PART). Once the "Partial" file no longer appears on your desktop, then the file has finished downloading

  2. After the image has been downloaded to your desktop, right-click on the image file, and in the context menu, select Open With, and then select Nero Express Essentials in the sub-menu.

  3. Click Burn to start the burning process to the CD/DVD. This process will take several minutes.
  4. When the burn is completed, exit the application, and remove your CD/DVD from the machine.
  5. Remove your downloaded images on your desktop.
  6. Log-out and shutdown the computer.
  7. It is highly recommended to test to see if your install CD/DVD image works by going to your OPS235 lab, and see if the CD and DVD media correctly boots up in the computer lab...