DPS909 and OSD600 0.1 Release 2014

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Release 0.1

Due Sept 26

How To Submit

  • Create a Github account, set up git
  • Clone Filer (NOTE: the Filer repo has recently moved to https://github.com/filerjs/filer) to your personal account on Github
  • Fix Filer Issue 227 (du command) or whatever bug you discussed with Dave if doing another.
  • Create a Pull Request against the https://github.com/humphd/filer repo (i.e., Dave's fork of Filer, not the original).
  • Write a blog post called "Release 0.1" about your work, include links to your pull request and discuss what you did, issues you had, how you solved things.

You do not need to hand anything in physically. Everything is done electronically via git, github, and your blog.