Club Moz:Meetings/November 22, 2006

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  • Move hack day somewhere else?
    • We are no longer allowed in the Linux club when there is nobody else in the CS offices
  • What to do for the rest of the semester
    • Everyone is really busy and stressed
    • Should Hack Day be canceled if it's a busy week?
  • Hack Day Issues
    • Logins for computers
    • Commitment


Hack Day

  • For now we will stick with the original plan of running Hack Day in the Linux club unless we need to move for some reason
  • All committee members are required to e-mail everyone on Monday night regarding their attendence on Tuesday
  • If no committee members can attend hack day will still take place but will be moved to the open lab
    • In these cases a sign should be put on the door indicating the change in venue
  • We need to talk to the Linux Club about accounts on the machines (Ben)
  • We approved Vanessa's flyer for Hack Day (link)

Moz Party '06

  • It will start at 11:15 in The Hive