Canvas3D XUL Runner App 0.5

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Feb 8

A little extra tweaking was added, but otherwise the wiki re-layout is complete!


Main Page

  • Usage
    • For Windows
    • For Mac
    • Unix/Linux Note
  • Extra Info
    • Staff & Helpers
    • News
    • Project Goal
    • Links


As the wiki pages developed, it was more of a place for me to dump notes as I worked on Portable Canvas. There really wasn't much organization to it. As time went by, I found that I really missed details in previous notes, so I decided to note even more details. All of this was just accelerated garbage dumping, it seems.

After the renovations, I was hoping to make the wiki pages friendlier for visitors who want to use Portable Canvas and find out what it's about. This is why it presents usage instructions first, followed by the progression of features in the app.