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Here's the progress so far on v0.1 of the XUL Runner App project.

Version 0.1 Don't click this picture, click the link below!
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Oct 21, v0.1!!

A working version of the Canvas 3d browser is now available!


  • 204 kB! (If you already have XUL Runner registered in your system:
  • Homepage is "".
  • Displays 3d contexts immediately, without the infobar asking for permission first.


  • Windows only, for now. (Don't let that stop you from trying it on other platforms!)
  • Grab the zip file from here:
  • Extract to "C:/Program Files/MyBrowser". (Suggested location, others may work.)
  • Double-click "mybrowser.exe".
  • Enjoy the rotating teapot.

See also Canvas 3d extension.

See also MyBrowser.

Oct 20, v0.1+, back to MyBrowser!!

Thanks to mfinkle, I can have renewed hope for using MyBrowser with Canvas 3d!! Stay tuned as the final tweaks are being made...

Helpful links:

Oct 19, v0.1-

Objectives semi-met!! I've gone with a build of Firefox 3 for now, since I know how to change it and install extensions for it.

The current package was made with "make package", no arguments. I found some instructions for setting up FF with some setting defaults, which I used to set a preset homepage ( and silence the "make Minefield your default browser" message.

You can find my build here. (The build is for Windows only, possibly WinXP only, possibly not friendly to wireless Internet.)

There are a few usage notes:

  • "run.bat" gives you the "--no-remote --profilemanager" options without needing a command line. Feel free to use.
  • Profile manager may make the buttons unreadable after you make a new profile: the "start Minefield" button is the one on the bottom left.
  • You will be prompted to install the Canvas3d extension when you first start this build. (Say "yes".)
  • The "first start for Minefield" page may pop up. This should go away in a later version.
  • An infobar will appear for the homepage, asking for permission to make a 3d context. (Say "yes".)

What you can expect:

  • There should be a rotating 3d teapot on the C3dL homepage!!
  • Any page that requests the Canvas 3d context should be viewable, including the C3dL demos.

What I'm worried about:

  • I'm not sure Firefox counts as a "XUL Runner App", although it technically is.
  • I don't know how I should be including the C3dL JS library.
  • The package is 26mb and several hundred files big.

Oct 16

Progress and failure abound!

I've managed to create a XUL Runner application, which is a great step forward. It's a compiled version of Benjamin Smedberg's "mybrowser".


Here's what it looks like:


The application has navigated successfully to Mozilla's addon page, proving that it can navigate the web without much difficulty. Lovely!


Here's the dilemma. "mybrowser" compiles on Gecko 1.8 only, while Canvas3d runs on 1.9 only. orz.

I tried to install the extension on the shown page, but it just sits there and laughs at me.

Somehow, I have to either rewrite mybrowser to handle 1.9, or I have to create my own browser from scratch. The toughest obstacle to deal with though, is the fact that I know I have no idea how do this.