CDOT Meeting 2012-09-13

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Update from Christine

  • Rebecca Isowa will be working with CDOT on financial tracking
  • MPPs will be visiting Markham campus on Oct 10 – Rasberry Pi project will be represented

NexJ Connected Wellness - Jordan Anastasiade

  • Project is focused on interfacing medical devices to mobile phones (via bluetooth) to a server (via mobile IP) – Initial devices are glucometer and blood pressure monitor
  • Not using PhoneGap (Q from DH)
  • Pursuing I2I funding (DM)

Mozilla / Popcorn Update - David Humphrey

  • Spent the week with Mozilla Foundation, which has grown significantly (from 1 person to ~60) and which advocates for the Open Web. Students were invited and participated.
  • Foundation has interest in and focus on Popcorn, badges. Demonstrated Popcorn Maker – well received and good feedback.
  • A lot of planning for the Popcorn/Popcorn Maker event coming up in London
  • TEDglobal is featuring a talk by the Foundation CTO and wants a click-though way for people to access Popcorn Maker (this is about 3 weeks before the 1.0 release)
  • October 19 is TEDglobal feature; November 7 is the official 1.0 release

3D Content Creation System / Cathy Leung

  • Working on final features
  • Alpha release on October 1
  • Good initial feedback from testers
  • Will utilize Emily Koon's skills for Graphics (etc)

OSTEP / Chris Tyler

  • TRAC system being set up for wiki/vcs/tickets/milestones/roadmap – projects can be added in seconds, access control is very granular. This will be ready for testing next week.
  • An LDAP (user authentication) server is being set up for use with TRAC. This server can also be used as a login credential server for CDOT systems (Windows/Linux/Mac)
  • We've outgrown our backup solutions, will be talking to ITS about a backup server on another campus
  • Raspberry Pi Fedora Remix 17 is soon to be released, armv6hl (optimized) build project is starting with a target of an alpha release at FSOSS and a final release when Fedora 18 ships (Nov/Dec)
  • Chris will be traveling in October:
    • Paris
      1. IRILL, Oct 11
      2. Open World Forum, Oct 12-13
      3. FUDCon EMEA, Oct 13-15
    • Copenhagen
      1. Linaro Connect, Oct 28-Nov 2
      2. Ubuntu Developers Summit, Oct 29-Nov 2

Summer Project Presentations

  • Late Thursday afternoon (Oct 20), Lower-K @ 4:00-5:15 pm
  • Invitees include:
    • President
    • VP Academic
    • VP Research
    • Dean of FASET
    • Faculty and students (invitation up on Monday)
  • Purpose is to move understanding of CDOT from 'a name' to having an understanding of the types of applied research performed here
  • Announcements/invite reminders will go out tomorrow (DM)

Need @CDOT Twitterer

  • Suggest the 1-year intern RAs (Jon & Chris) (CT)