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Release 0.9

Buildbot and EC2 Project Page


  • Configurable Tryserver front page
  • Dynamic Slave Creation on EC2 Image
  • Tryserver overflow to EC2


This release will be focusing more on getting the system running and compiling successfully on all 3 systems, with implementing EC2 functionality.

Server Location

         Click here if you'd like to test the Try Server @ Seneca:

   Try Server Patch Submission Page @ Seneca


Task Details Priority Contributors Status Target Completed Link(s)
Configurable Tryserver page Make the Tryserver front page configurable, with a javascript config file Medium Adam Delyea
EC2 overflow Make the Tryserver builds overflow to EC2 High Adam Delyea
In Progress
EC2 image reconfigure Reconfigure EC2 image to handle build slave configuration options passed to it High Adam Delyea
In Progress