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Due Dates

Assignment 1 - Line Editing Facility September 23
Assignment 2 - Field Classes November 3
Assignment 3 - More Field Classes November 30
Assignment 4 - Application December 9

The official due dates are in Moodle. If there are any discrepancies, the due dates in Moodle shall apply.

Project Requirements

Each game is a team effort. The structure of each team is up to the team members. Each member must contribute their own work in a selected area or areas of their choosing.

Stage 1

Stage 2

Before starting stage 2, read Hints for Using SVN to collaborate on school projects and do the following:

  1. Update your team's wiki page with your team's repository path under Repo Path
  2. Add assignment 1 to the trunk of your team's repository as follows
    1. Checkout your team's empty repository to a new directory on a local computer
    2. Create the branches, tags, and trunk subdirectories under this new directory
    3. Under the branches subdirectory create a sub-subdirectory for each team member using their seneca id
    4. Under the sub-subdirectory for one of the team members create a new sub-sub-subdirectory named assignment_1
      • You can do this manually or by creating a new Visual Studio solution named assignment_1 under the team member's sub-sub-directory
    5. Copy the source files for assignment 1 into this directory, compile it and run it. Once it runs successfully, you are ready to add it to the repository server
    6. Move to the head of the repository directory and add the new directory structure along with the source code for the assignment by right clicking on ...SVN/Add and checking the folders and files to be added
    7. Commit the directory structure to the repository server by right clicking on SVN Commit. Add the comment "Created Directory Structure and added assignment 1"
    8. Branch the committed assignment to trunk
  3. The repository is now ready for each team member to start working on their own version of the code in their own workspace
    1. Checkout the repository to your own local computer
    2. Branch trunk to your own workspace
    3. Checkout your workspace
    4. Work within your own workspace
    5. Commit your code at the end of each session
      • Make sure to add descriptive comments to each commit
      • Uncommented commits will not be marked or reviewed

If your team is using Visual Studio as its development platform, mark the .sln, the .vcxproj, the .vcxproj.filters, and the source files as versioned, but not the binaries or executables.

Each team member should have their own successfully compiled version of the assignment 1 in their own workspace under the branch sub-directory of their team's repository.

Branch submission path: svn://

Each team member should add their name to the header comments of the consoleplus.h and consolelineedit.cpp files as follows:

  1. Edit the source code to include your name
  2. Go to trunk
  3. Merge your modified source files with trunk ...SVN/Merge
  4. Go to the project page and change the repo status to "being committed by your name"
  5. Commit to the repository with the comment "name added"
  6. Go back to the project page and change the repo status to "committed by your name"

See Merging your work back to trunk for details

Stage 3

Stage 4