BTP300B Team 15 Weekly Log

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Team 15

  • Gideon Thomas
  • Marie Karimizadeh

Week 1

  • 9/05 (Wednesday): Read, discussed the assignment and watched the video.

Week 2

  • 9/10(Monday): Pair Programming in the Computer Lab.
  • 9/12(Wednesday): Pair Programming on Display Function
  • 9/16(Sunday): Pair Programming on Display Function and discussed Edit Function

Week 3

  • 9/17(Monday): Pair Programming in Computer Lab. Worked on Display Function.
  • 9/17(Monday): Finished Display Function and showed demo.
  • 9/17(Monday): Pair Programming on Edit Function.
  • 9/18(Tuesday): Pair Programming in Open Lab. Fixed LEFT/RIGHT/HOME/END
  • 9/19(Wednesday): Pair Programming on Edit Function on BACKSPACE/DEL/INSERT.
  • 9/20(Thursday): Pair Programming on Edit Function on DEFAULT plus Debugging with a1test.cpp
  • 9/21(Friday): Finished consolelineedit.cpp and pair programming on Main.


  • Provided a question regarding the screen size in assignment 1 Q&A on wiki.
  • Provided two additional questions under C/C++ FAQ on wiki