BTP300A Team 42 A2 Weekly Log

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Week 5

  • 10/04 (Thursday) Pair Programming over Skype
    • Methods were evenly split
    • Added cross-platform functionality: hide cursor during frame movement
  • 10/05 (Friday) Pair Programming in the Computer Lab
    • Minimum requirements are met, all tests are completed; Assignment 2 Release 0.1 is ready for submission
    • Started working on optimization (besides the cursor hiding)
  • 10/06 (Saturday) Assignment 2 Release 0.1 is submitted
    • Classes for R02 were evenly split (Kirill - CLabel/CButton, Petr - CField/Cline)
  • 10/07 (Sunday) Assignment 2 Release 0.1 is Due

Study Week

  • (Petr) Started coding CField

Week 8

  • 10/29 (Kirill) Started working on my classes
  • 10/30 Added Lu Liu in the team, gave him CButton class. CLabel and CField are done
    • Petr working on cdialog
    • Kirill will work on extra features
  • 10/30 (Lu) reviewed previous codes and started to work on CButton class

Week 9

  • 11/5 (Monday) Lu will work on CLine class also.
    • Petr working on CDialog
    • Kirill working on porting extra features from a1 to a2 format and modifying / optimizing as required
  • 11/6 CButton is done. CDialog is done
  • 11/8 CLine is done
  • 11/9 Started debugging a2r2 over vsa

Week 10

  • 11/12 a2r3 passes the a2 tests provided on vs and matrix.
    • (Petr) worked on custom main application for a2r3
    • (Kirill) worked on / debugged extra features
    • (Lu) debugged CLine/CField/CButton classes further
    • applies to rest of week
  • 11/17 Encountered problem compiling with a2test on Borland platform (deprecated compiler).
    • Worked on debugging for Borland compilation

Week 11

  • 11/18 Borland issue tracked down (issue converting from bool* to bool in a2test.cpp)
  • 11/19 A2 passes every test and custom main works successfully on every platform/
    • A2 submitted