BTP300A Team 1 Bugs Report

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Dennis Log

Thursday Sept 5, 2013

  • Spent Thursday working on lab 1. I'll be working on lab 2 on Thursday this week.

Saturday Sept 7, 2013

  • Spent Saturday working on the display function of assignment 1 and got it working. Huda has already finished most of the edit. function for A1. I will be working on the Backspace and Delete components of the edit function.

- A few notes though from working on the lab and assignment.

Anti virus applications need to be temporarily deactivated before running labs and assignments compiled by the Borland compiler due to AV programs mistakenly treating compiled labs and assignments as viruses.

I've been having an issue with ghost keys on my laptop due to degradation of the bus(?) that controls my laptop's keyboard though it hopefully should not pose any issues with working on the assignment.

Monday Sept 9

  • Got the delete and backspace function working after 3 hours working on this application. Found an issue with the insert function in that it is not working. Will be looking at it later this week.

Thursday Sept 12

  • Fixed the insert issue, it turns out we forgot to put in a condition that detects when the insert button is clicked in our switch case statement. There was also an issue with compiling it in matrix due to using the strlen and strcpy methods. After adding #include<cstring> the application now compiles in matrix as well. Ran through the test a few times and it passed all of the. Sent the application over to Huda for her to take a look at it and see if there's any bugs or issues missed.

Friday Sept 20

  • Huda informed me of a bug wherein the null character that terminates a string is showing up when the program is run on a GNU environment and the backspace or delete key is used.

Tuesday Sept 24

  • looked at the backspace and delete function but couldn't come up with anything that fixed the issue. Realized that since the application is still passing all the A1main tests that the issue isn't with the string but with how it is being displayed and that the issue could rest with the display function. After looking at the display function realized that the display function is currently printing out the entire string and then printing out spaces at the end. It should actually be writing the str to a temporary string, buffing the string with spaces until it is the same length as fieldLen and then adding the null character to properly terminate the string.

Wednesday Sept 25

  • Implemented the bug fix and it works. Matrix running painfully slowly for me so only tested it on Ubuntu where the issue was also showing up. So far no problems. Emailed fixed copy of the application to Huda and Shianne, one of us can later test the app on matrix once that environment is a bit more manageable.

Saturday Sept 27

  • Working with Shianne to fix issues with A1main revealed flaws in the code to the Backspace functionality. It turns out that there was redundant code that made the backspace key shift to the left twice. Eliminated the redundancy and placed an if condition that required the current cursor position to be greater than the offset for the backspace logic to execute. So far it looks like everything in the program is running smoothly.

Shianne Log

Monday Sept 16, 2013

  • Joined the group.

Wednesday Sept 18, 2013

  • Received all the files and reviewed what had to be done for the assignment. Most was done already so it was more of testing that I had to do.

Sunday Sept 22, 2013

  • Attempted to test out the assignment using a1test. It wasn't working for me. Huda resent me the latest version.

Monday Sept 23, 2013

  • Tested the newer version of a1test. They worked. I received notice that I would be working on the main, a1main.

Wednesday Sept 25, 2013

  • Created the a1main. Most of it worked from the start with a few problems.

Friday Sept 27, 2013

  • Worked on the problems in a1main. I found that it would work on one compiler but not the others. A problem was when I typed a word it would repeat the full string while adding the new letter so "abcd" would show as "aaababcabcd". This problem was solved by Dennis.
  • Discovered that the offset was causing a segmentation fault. This problem was fixed.
  • All issues with a1main were fixed.

Huda's Log

Mon Sept 9, 2013

  • Finished majority of the keyboard keys functionality in Edit function. Dennis just had to do the Delete, Backspace, Insert keys.

Friday Sept 20

  • Tested out Dennis' Edit & Display function's functionality. Found an issue with backspace. Informed Dennis and he started to look into the issue.

Friday Sept 29

  • Tested final version of our assignment on all platforms