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The Object-Oriented Paradigm Using C++

Wiki-Based Learning

  • Purpose
    • Collaboration is a growing trend in today's practice of software development. You may visit Wikipedia to read about Ward Cunningham and collaboration in agile software development. IBM has developed a wiki-based product for corporate learning. During this semester, you will learn to use a wiki to collaborate with your fellow classmates as you build up your C++ programming skills. Your professor will play the role of an observer, a facilitator and a contributor.
  • Benefits
    • You will be better prepared to collaborate fully in the next course BTP300.
  • Guidelines of Community Practice
    • The key element in fostering a spirit of collaboration is that everyone is a contributor to the learning community. We will respect each other and interact with each other in a professional way.

Q&A on Assignment 1 (Winter 2014)

  • g++ std=c++0x source.cpp (Course Notes)