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Andora Project

Project Description

This project involves creating a replacement for the three packages:

andora-logos -- This package will contain replacements for the Fedora logos, including the Andora logo where appropriate. It would probably also be a good idea to produce a Andora-backgrounds package with Andora-branded wallpaper.
andora-fedora-remix-release -- This package will contain Andora-Fedora Remix release files such as yum configs and various /etc/ files that define the release.

Expected outcome: twopackages.
Skills required: documentation writing, graphics, packaging

Project Leader(s)

Ruowen Tang
Wiki Page: User:Ruowen_Tang
IRC: rtang12

Project Contributor(s)

Gloria Ip
Zenit Account:
Fedora Wiki:
IRC nick: gloria

Project Details

This part of project is to design custom logos and wallpaper to replace all of the existing Andora Fedora Remix, as well as the package of Andora-Fedora Remix release files that define the release.

Project Plan

Goals for each release and plans for reaching those goals:
0.1 Research what logos and wallpaper need to be changed. How the logos and wallpaper will be integrated into Andora Remix. Provide several logo drafts. Also do research on which release packages need to be released.
0.2 Take the 0.1 release and make any changes or correction that need to be done and test it and release the beta package.
0.3 Final logos, wallpaper and release packages release. (2 packages in total)


Raymond Chan, John Selmys

Mailing Lists

Fedora Mailing Lists arm - Discussions about the Fedora ARM Project announce - Announcements related to the Fedora Project

Upsteam Wiki and Web

Fedora Remix Info:


Fedora Remix Info:

Source Code Control


SBR blog

Seneca Particpants

Ruowen Tang Gloria Ip

Non-Seneca Participants


 Planet CDOT 

Project News

Release 3.0 completed. Packages are available to download. Please refer to  Release 3.0 for more information.