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Project Name

XUL Runner Guide

Project Description

The XULRunner project provides an "application runner" for building apps -- like Firefox, Thunderbird, and Sunbird -- atop the Mozilla toolkit framework. It needs a guide outlined, high-priority parts written, and examples created to help people get started.

Related tech and skills: XUL, documentation, cross-platform testing


Project Leader(s)

Michael Lau (mylau)

Project Contributor(s)

Vanessa TBA

Project Details

Project Description XULRunner is an Internet technology runtime similar to Java and .NET runtime. What makes this different from the other two is that it does not restrict developers from programming in one language like Java runtime. XULRunner allows developers to write programs in any language that Mozilla web platform can support. They are the following:

  • HTML
  • SVG
  • XUL

Project Specifications

Technical Discussion

Other Details

Project News

September 17, 2006 by mylau I've spoke to Dave about this project and currently the following people to talk to are:

  • dria (owns MDC)
  • bsmedberg (XUL Runner guy)
  • sheppy (dev/docs)

I will speak to these following people along with dave as soon as I get up-to-speed on what XUL Runner actually is.