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== Project News Archive ==
== Project News Archive ==
*[[XULRunner_Guide_September2006_Archive | September 2006]]
*[[XULRunner_Guide_October2006_Archive | October 2006]]
==Useful Links==
==Useful Links==

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Project Name

XUL Runner Guide

Project Description

The XULRunner project provides an "application runner" for building apps -- like Firefox, Thunderbird, and Sunbird -- atop the Mozilla toolkit framework. It needs a guide outlined, high-priority parts written, and examples created to help people get started.

Related tech and skills: XUL, documentation, cross-platform testing.

Project Leader(s)

Michael Lau (mylau)

Colin Guy (Guiness)

Project Contributor(s)

  • Vanessa
  • Paul St-Denis
  • Erin Davey
  • Elichak
  • Helped some comments on the Hello World tutorial

Project Details

XULRunner Guide Outline

XULRunner Guide

Project News

November 27, 2006 by mylau

These were some of the links I found that can potentially convert Wiki's to PDF automatically. I have yet to test these few alternatives but hopefully I'll get around to it next week.

Also, there was one site which I went to whcih said the easiest way of solving the converting between wiki to PDF issue was to save each file as HTML and convert them to PDF using Open Office. This seems like usable alternative since my team only has about 20 pages max. Although this is true, I would still like to automate the converting. Some users in the community might want to know how to do this as well.

On top of converting the pages to PDF, I also need to know if there's a free PDF editor that I can use. I suspect after converting each file to PDF, it won't be formatted properly or at least to not my liking.

November 26, 2006 by mylau

Looked into the PDF recommended by Melz and recommendation by Elichak for the documentation structure

Updated all the doucments in the Tutorial on XULRunner sections. They include:

  • File/Folder Structure
  • application.ini File
  • chrome.manifest File
  • prefs.js File
  • How to run the application

Since there is only one version of XULRunner that this document is discussing currently, I moved Deploying XULRunner 1.8 to Delploying XULRunner. Also, I moved the XULRunner Guide Outline from the main page to XULRunner_Guide_Outline. In the guide, I removed the following:

  • New features in this release
  • Changes made
  • Bug Fixes for each version

There wasn't much information on these topics, if any. To be able to have these sections in the guide would require extensive time to investigate the isuses of XULRunner from day 1 of when it was launched. We don't have that much tine to invest on this. I also rearranged some of the topics in the outline such as XULRunner Version and About this guide.

I've added an introduction and conclusion to the How to do a Hello World application using XULRunner. I also revised the document so its more intuitive for new developers as well as provided a screenshot of the executed program.

November 25, 2006 by cbguy1
Currently working on the different mehods XULRunner is deployed amoung the various operating systems. The page has been setup to accomadate subsequent versions of XULRunner when they will be released. Also any unnecessary or redundant headings were removed.
Working on an Introduction for the XUL Runner guide.
Made updates to setting up the pref.js file.

Project News Archive

Useful Links