Winter 2010 Open Source Students

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Please add a link to your personal wiki page and project (once you've chosen it) here:



Name IRC Nick(s) Project(s)
Example Student esample TBD
Konstantin Novichikhin knovichikhin TBD
Scott Downe scottdowne Scott Downe project
Jeffrey Lee jjlee16 TBD
Gustone Lewis galewis TBD
Harjinder Virdi Harjinder Bespin_Bug:_Text_Highlighting
Zhibin Huang zbhuang1 TBD
Derek Ambrose Derek.ambrose Bespin: Custom Cursor Doesn't Generate When Over Scrollbar
Anthony Alves
Crystal de Nobrega cldenobrega ANTLR Based Processing to JavaScript Converter
Jianming Chen Jimmy.C TBD
Thanh Dao tdao3 TBD