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About Me

Welcome. My name is Scott Downe, I am in my 5th semester of cpac.

My non programming related interests include comics, painting, puzzles, video games, eating (I have a passion for food and cooking) and sleeping, breathing, etc.

This is my blog and you are currently viewing my project page :)

My irc nick is scott. I am usually in #processing.js and #seneca channels.

Project Name

Porting processing to the canvas

Project Description

For this project, I will be working with Processing.js. Basically, allowing Processing programs to be developed, and run directly in HTML, through the use of the HTML canvas tag, retiring Flash and Java applets. This way, users can browse the web, view animation, run games, look at digital art, all without having to download and install any additional plug-ins.

I will be debugging two bugs for release 0.1. Bug #133 and #230

Scrap that, I will be debugging bug #226 and implementing some automated test cases for it.

I will do bugs #133 and #230 for 0.2!

For 0.3, I'll attempt three bugs.

Project Contributor(s)

The rest of the processing.js team.

Project Details




  • Basically, trying to perfect the class parsing was my mission in 0.3.

Project News

  • I changed my bug for 0.1 to bug #226. I did this out of pure fascination.
  • I finished 0.1 as detailed in my blog post.
  • I finished 0.2 as detailed in my blog post.
  • There was a lot I did for 0.3 that isn't acceptable. I explain this in my 0.3 post.