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Natesh Mayuranathan

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Occupation CPAC student
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Natesh Mayuranathan is a Seneca College School of Computer Studies Student, currently in his fifth semester and anticipating his first co-op workterm. Natesh's programming interests include network programming, web development, and artificial intelligence. He is especially interested in academic and enterprise applications of software development. In his spare time, Natesh is a member of the Confidently Speaking Toastmasters club, where he also serves on the board of executives as the co-Vice President of Public Relations. He also enjoys playing Settlers of Catan, and reading about politics and science.

Current courses

UNX511 - Unix Systems Programming

Further information: UNX511
Project Wiki

DBW624 - Introduction to Data Warehousing

Further information: DBW624

JAC444 - Introduction to Java for C++ Programmers

Further information: JAC444

DSA555 - Data Structures And Algorithms In C++

Further information: DSA555

EAC725 - The Graphic Novel

Further information: EAC725