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Welcome to use Seneca BigBlueButton Conference Manager, if you are looking for help about how to use bbbman web application, you are in the right place. If you want to know more about BigBlueButton Open Source Web Conference Software, please visit

What BigBlueButton Conference Manager can do

  • Authenticate User (Seneca LDAP)
  • Authorize User (grant permission by roles)
  • Create Online Meeting schedule
  • Create Online Lecture schedule
  • Create Quick Meeting (for current day short meeting)
  • Display Events in Calendar
  • Display Events in Table
  • Filter Events (Meetings you created, Lectures you created,Meetings you were invited to attend, Lectures you were invited to attend)
  • Enable User Settings (Change Nick Name, Allow Recording)
  • Manage Professors (create, read, update and delete)
  • Manage Subjects (create, read, update and delete)
  • Manage Sections(create, read, update and delete)
  • Manage Attendees(create, read, update and delete)
  • Manage Attendance(create, read, update and delete)
  • Manage Users (create, read, update and delete)
  • System Settings (User Role Settings, Modify System Notification or Welcome Message)
  • Manage Departments (create, read, update and delete)
  • Class Settings
  • Create Guest Account (account for non Seneca students or employees)
  • URL Link invitation (sent to random user without account in BBBMAN)
  • Event notification via email
  • Start or Join BigBlueButton Conference
  • Terminate BigBlueButton Conference
  • Access to the recordings (audio, video, presentations)