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:[[Mozilla.dev.tech.xpcom | Mozilla.dev.tech.xpcom]]
:[[Mozilla.dev.tech.xpcom | Mozilla.dev.tech.xpcom]]
<b>Mozilla Technology/b>
<b>Mozilla Technology</b>
:[[Chrome | Chrome]]
:[[Chrome | Chrome]]

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Prior to this course, I've never been involved with open source projects. This course has opened up my eyes to the Mozilla community and I'm really impressed with the work that the Mozilla community members have done in their spare time. By far, this is one of the most interesting courses I've ever taken at Seneca and I can't express greater gratitude to be given the opportunity to be part of this fascinating project.

About Liz Chak

Liz pic1.jpg

Name: Elizabeth Chak
IRC Nick: elichak
Contact Email: elichak@gmail.com
Hotmail Email: elichak@hotmail.com
Program: Bachelor Degree of Software Development (Semester 7)
Cravings: ice cream and chocolate.. and SASHIMI


Firefox Performance Testing : A Python framework for Windows (Project Leader)

Calendar Stuff (Contributor)

Extending the Buildbot (Contributor)


Build The Fox

Firefox Build Documentation (Assignment 1)

Newsgroup Summary


Mozilla Technology


External Links

My first almost complete site