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IRC Meetings

All IRC meeting logs can be found here.

Meeting No. 1

Time: Wednesday, January 27th, from 10pm to midnight.

Attendees: MattAdams, tjcatibog, CDNPadawan, fmDeOliveira, ammisko, nsimmalavong, award, Minooz.

Meeting Log

Our first meeing was held in two rooms, our room(oop344_!you) and the seneca_oop344 room. I have uploaded both logs.

 seneca_oop344 Log
 oop344_!you Log


- First whole team meeting.

- Fardad covered basics of IRC.

- Agreed upon several team programming standards.

- Casual programming discussion.

Meeting No. 2

Time: Monday, February 1st, 8pm to 10pm

Attendees: MattAdams, tjcatibog, fmDeOliveira, ammisko, nsimmalavong, award, Minooz

Meeting Log



- Installed SVN on everyone's computer

- Downloaded current project

- Create Branch director for every memeber

- Assigned function to everyone (Due Wednesday Feb 3, 2010) - Please check here for you function [!YOU - BIO Library]

Meeting No. 3

Time: Monday, February 8th, 8pm to 10pm

Add your nickname below if you can make this meeting
ammisko, tjcatibog

Meeting Log