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HelloBio from my Twitter since I'm lazy: "Programming, UI, games, mobile, coffee addict, cycling, cooking, ramblings, and the colour green! Lots of code and caffeine induced awesomeness!"
So that's me in a nut shell :D. I am Kaitlyn Callow, currently aspire to be a student in my final year of Seneca College's Bachelors games developer and have been having a lot of Software Development programfun developing both open source and mobile applications.
I am current attending have a personal website located [[DPS901|DPS901 (Introduction To 3D Game Programming)|] here] and [, which also has a blog on it located [DPS909_and_OSD600_Fall_2010_Weekly_Schedule|DPS909 (Topics In Open Source Development)] right here] during my Fall 2010 semester:D.
 ==Currently I am working at CDOT located at Seneca College. My Sites==* first project with CDOT was [[ Personal WebsiteBerrySync]]* [http://blog.kaitlyncallow, which was developed during summer 2011 and was completed by Sept Blog]

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