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Team Recompile IRC Logs 20103 - OOP344

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Oct 16 03:11:28 <YDean1> still up
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<h3> Meeting with Fardad Nov 15, 2010</h3>
[21:01] == YDean1 [ae7140db@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #seneca-oop344
[21:01] <_Rainulf> hey ya go
[21:02] <_Rainulf> so..
[21:02] <@fardad> hi YDean1
[21:02] <YDean1> what up
[21:02] <@fardad> Ok, first, where are you in the project?
[21:03] <@fardad> what stage? (biefly)
[21:03] <_Rainulf> well, we finished the blank cpps
[21:03] <_Rainulf> and i've started a bit of easy funcs
[21:03] <@fardad> that is good
[21:04] <@fardad> lets talk about who is going to do what ok?
[21:04] <_Rainulf> sure
[21:04] <@fardad> first, do you have a separate project page on wiki or youare going to use your teampage for it?
[21:05] <_Rainulf> i think we're good with team page.. YDean1, tjcatibog what do u guys think?
[21:05] * fardad is ok with it too
[21:05] <@fardad> keeping it simple
[21:05] <YDean1> teampage is fine
[21:05] <_Rainulf> it depends in the complexity tho
[21:05] <@fardad> tjcatibog: there?
[21:06] <tjcatibog> yes
[21:06] <@fardad> _Rainulf: well you can always move it to anew page if you find it too complicated
[21:06] <_Rainulf> i guess
[21:06] <@fardad> so, lets talk about tasks for the first stage ok?
[21:06] <_Rainulf> ok
[21:07] <@fardad> _Rainulf: you started Border?
[21:08] <_Rainulf> not really much
[21:08] <_Rainulf> i mean
[21:08] <@fardad> ok, we need two of you to start this
[21:08] <@fardad> the third person will do other school work to free his time for the task to come
[21:09] <YDean1> im in
[21:09] <_Rainulf> oki
[21:09] <@fardad> ok
[21:09] <YDean1> okay
[21:09] <@fardad> tjcatibog: you are off for the first 36 hours
[21:10] <tjcatibog> ok
[21:10] <@fardad> _Rainulf: you gotta be done with border in 3 hours
[21:10] <@fardad> ha ha
[21:10] <@fardad> 36 hours
[21:10] <_Rainulf> u scared me for a sec there fardad
[21:10] <_Rainulf> lol
[21:10] <YDean1> lol
[21:10] <pbrown9> I liked the first one better, it's good for a heart attack
[21:10] <@fardad> ok, YDean1
[21:11] <YDean1> yes sir
[21:11] <@fardad> you gotta have the team page fixed and reorganized to accomodate:
[21:11] <@fardad> Trunk status,
[21:11] <@fardad> Each team members current work
[21:12] <@fardad> Log of what is done and finished
[21:12] <@fardad> Tasks for each team member to do in future
[21:13] <@fardad> are you guys clear about these or need more explaning?
[21:13] <_Rainulf> hmm
[21:13] <@fardad> Ok, let go one by one:
[21:13] <@fardad> Trunk Status: any question?
[21:13] <_Rainulf> nope
[21:14] <YDean1> nope
[21:14] <tjcatibog> nay
[21:14] <@fardad> Ok , two possible things, either "last commited by teammember" or "being commited by team member"
[21:15] <@fardad> Other NEVER commit while status is (being commieted)
[21:15] <@fardad> s/Other/Others
[21:16] <@fardad> before you commit change the status to being commited by "your name" and when done you will change it to "last commited by".....
[21:16] <_Rainulf> hold on
[21:16] <_Rainulf> so we put it on comments when we commit?
[21:16] <_Rainulf> eg. "committed by: rainulf"
[21:17] <@fardad> _Rainulf: clarify, are you talking about svn or wiki?
[21:17] <_Rainulf> sry, i thought svn
[21:17] <_Rainulf> ok wiki
[21:17] <@fardad> ok, to make sure confilicts are minimized when commiting to trunk
[21:18] <@fardad> you should always have the status of trunk updated on wiki
[21:18] <@fardad> and check it before you do an actual commit on trunk
[21:18] <@fardad> if you see the status is "last commited..." it means it is safe to commit
[21:19] <@fardad> so you change it to "being commited by...." and then start commiting and so on....
[21:19] <@fardad> when you are done, i.e. conflicts are resolved and and trunk is compiled and probably ready to be tagged....
[21:19] <@fardad> you change the status to "last commited by ...."
[21:19] <@fardad> this means you are done.
[21:20] <@fardad> doing this it is impissible for two team members to commit at the same time
[21:20] <@fardad> capishe?
[21:20] * _Rainulf understood
[21:20] <YDean1> yep
[21:20] <@fardad> YDean1: tjcatibog; ?
[21:20] <tjcatibog> ok
[21:21] <@fardad> YDean1: so this is a section that you should have in your team page
[21:21] <YDean1> ok
[21:21] <@fardad> and the moste important one
[21:21] <@fardad> next you sould have three sections for three team members where they will have the task they are currently doing
[21:21] <@fardad> each team member can log problems here and note what is needed to be noted
[21:22] <@fardad> when the task is done it is moved to the list of the tasks that are done
[21:23] <@fardad> if you like you can move the logs too, but you can really delete them since the task is already done
[21:23] <@fardad> so in completed tasks section you will have something like
[21:24] <@fardad> FWBorder implimentaion: _Rainulf
[21:24] <_Rainulf> got it
[21:24] <@fardad> (when he is done)
[21:25] <@fardad> the final section is task assignments that are to be done later by each person, it is like completed tasks section but for the tasks to be done
[21:25] <@fardad> so
[21:25] <@fardad> Trunk status
[21:25] <@fardad> Tasks
[21:25] <@fardad> member A
[21:25] <@fardad> member B
[21:25] <@fardad> member C
[21:25] <@fardad> completed tasks
[21:26] <@fardad> (replace memeber X) with team members of course :)
[21:26] <@fardad> YDean1: also
[21:26] <YDean1> yes sir
[21:26] <@fardad> use your own taste and immagination to make it better please
[21:27] <_Rainulf> lol
[21:27] <YDean1> do i get bonus marks?
[21:27] <@fardad> YDean1: yes by not losing marks
[21:27] <YDean1> lol
[21:27] <_Rainulf> lol
[21:27] <@fardad> tjcatibog: your task is to schedule the next meeting in 36 hours
[21:28] <tjcatibog> ok
[21:28] <@fardad> 30 mins is more than enough
[21:28] <@fardad> everyone is ok with this?
[21:28] <_Rainulf> yupertz
[21:28] <YDean1> yep
[21:29] <@fardad> so in 36 hours, I will have the border working and tested, wiki page ready to be edited and appointement schedueled right?
[21:29] <_Rainulf> got it
[21:29] <@fardad> any questions?
[21:29] <YDean1> yep
[21:29] <tjcatibog> ok
[21:29] <_Rainulf> none from me
[21:29] <tjcatibog> yeah, I got one
[21:30] <tjcatibog> we want the next meeting in exactly 36 hours? or at least 36
[21:30] <@fardad> :)
[21:30] * tjcatibog thinks it's a decent question
[21:30] <@fardad> no after 36 hours the very first possible time...
[21:30] <@fardad> remember, the later your meeting the less time you have for work
[21:30] <tjcatibog> ok
[21:31] <@fardad> tjcatibog: it was decent...
[21:31] <@fardad> YDean1: please have a page with the log of our irc meetings
[21:32] <YDean1> sure thing
[21:32] <@fardad> YDean1: just copy the above is in a wiki page called say recompile team IRC logs oop344 20103
[21:32] <@fardad> and keep adding thelogs in <pre> tags
[21:32] <@fardad> ok?
[21:33] <_Rainulf> YDean1: check this out
[21:33] <_Rainulf> thats the log since the very first creation of #seneca-recompile
[21:33] <@fardad> beautifule
[21:34] <@fardad> *beautiful :)
[21:34] <@fardad> just make sure each have its own section with date like:
[21:34] <@fardad> ==Nov 15 - meeting with Fardad==
[21:35] <@fardad> ok?

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