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OPS235 Lab 1

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*'''Name:''' c7host
*'''Boot media / Installation:''' CentOS 7 Full Install DVD (image file)
:::*Download at Seneca College: <br> http
:::*Download outside Seneca College:<br>
*'''Disk space:''' 238GB
# Although the images may be a little out of date (i.e. not exact), you can refer to this listing of installation screenshots for general reference:<br>[[ installation screen-shots] ]<br>
# Power up the computer in your Seneca lab in '''Windows'''.
# If you haven't already downloaded the CentOS 7 Full Install DVD ISO, then download the following link for the CentOS 7 Full Install DVD image on your local computer: <br>http
# Plug your SSD drive into your computer. Note the drive letter for that device.
# Format your SSD to use exFAT, '''not NTFS'''. Open ''My Computer'', right-click on the SSD, and select ''Format...''. The dialog box should have the '''exFAT''' option selected, as the example to your right shows. Once selected, click ''Start''.

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