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OPS235 Lab 1

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Part 1: Using VMware Workstation Pro to Create a New Virtual Machine (VM)
# Click '''Next''' at the next screen to proceed.
# Select the '''I will in<u>s</u>tall the operating system later''' option and click '''Next'''.
# In the next screen, select '''Linux''' as the '''Guest Operating System''', and '''CentOS 7 64-bit''' for the OS ''version'' and click '''Next'''.
# Enter '''c7host''' for the ''<u>V</u>irtual machine name'' and note the location where the image will be stored on your Windows machine and click '''Next'''.<br><br>'''NOTE:''' Since this "virtual machine" will be supporting other virtual machines (i.e. nested VMs), it is recommended to select a '''higher number or core processors''' (like 2 or 3).<br>You can always change this setting later on to maximize the performance of running the "nested" VMs on your Host VM.<br><br>
# Select the <b>maximum number of processor cores</b> your computer supports and click '''Next''' .

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