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IRC: okhattab<br />
IRC: okhattab<br />
'''Jiecheng Qiu'''<br />
Wiki Page: [[User: Jiecheng Qiu]]<br />
IRC: Jie_Q
'''Luis Francisco Fuentes'''<br />
'''Ruowen Tang'''<br />
Wiki Page: [[User: Luis Francisco Fuentes]]<br />
Wiki Page: [[User: rtang12]]<br />
IRC: Luis
IRC: rtang12
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'''Ruowen Tang'''<br />
Wiki Page: [[User: rtang12]]<br />
IRC: rtang12
= Project Contributor(s) ==
= Project Contributor(s) ==

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Packaging the Android Extensions for Eclipse

Project Description

There are a group of extensions (4?) for Eclipse that enable development of Android applications. Package these extensions and make them available in (or for) Fedora.

Expected outcome: The extensions will be available as Fedora packages, or if not permitted by licensing, as packages available from an external repository.

Maximum number of students: 4 (one per extension/plugin)

Skills required: packaging, testing

Resources: Raymond Chan (rchan), John Selmys

Project Leader(s)

Rudolf R Janns
Wiki Page: Rudolf R Janns
IRC: rjanns

Alon Yufidin
Wiki Page: User: ayufidin
IRC: ayufidin

Daniel Delidjakov
Wiki Page: User: dkdelidj
IRC: dkdelidj

Omarr Khattab
Wiki Page: user: Omarr Khattab
IRC: okhattab

Ruowen Tang
Wiki Page: User: rtang12
IRC: rtang12

=Kalpaniya Parmar
Wiki Page: User: kparmar4
IRC: kparmar4

Project Contributor(s) =

Project Details

Project Plan

Tracking mechanism (bugzilla, trac, github, ...):

Key contacts:

Goals for each release and plans for reaching those goals:

  • 0.1
  • 0.2
  • 0.3


Mailing Lists

Upsteam Wiki and Web


Eclipse download: Download Webpage

Source Code Control


Seneca Particpants

Non-Seneca Participants


Project News