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This page lists things that people need done, but which aren't large enough to make an entire project. If you see something you want to do, contact the person who posted it, and when it's done, remove it from this list.

Please include some degree of details in your listings.

  • (humph, ctyler) - I need a way to automate the checkout/indexing for DXR such that it can stay up to date. To do this, I need someone to write a script to move source code and indexes from a dev machine to a production box and swap out old content for new.
  • (ctyler) - tag wiki pages with Categories.
  • (Patrick Lam) - Ideas on how to log the following during build time: pid, ppid, start time, end time, process name, current working directory
  • (Jason Tarka) - Details, screenshots, or HTML, of different web-based network authentication pages
  • (Irina Sh) - If you've worked with unit tests *documentation* in mozilla/bugzilla/eclipse/redhat projects please let me know, I have a couple questions.
  • (Scott Lunel) - Need testers for the latest Thunderbird Ubiquity extension.
  • (Chris Bishop) - Help with speeding up Firefox. Need to create scenarios to run Firefox through to create profile data to optimize Firefox. Looking for ideas, write-ups and eventually scripts. Click on my name to go to the project page.
  • (Chris Bishop) - Need assistance with creating bash shell scripts.
  • (Tjbro) - Wants some cool ideas for Ubiquity Thunderbird commands.
  • (Evmarbella) - Need some help testing the colour reftest on different configurations of linux. Run the test and upload the result Colour-Reftest.
  • (zghansar) - I am building an Extension and anyone who is building one knows how difficult it is :). So my contribution is the easiest, teach me something that you learned while developing an extension that you think will be useful to me. Post it here or get hold of me on IRC nick is "zghansar"
  • (User:Chris Tyler) - We need a bot for {freenode,moznet}:#seneca similar to firebot/zodbot. It should know how to turn bugzilla numbers into the corresponding URLs (for Mozilla, Red Hat,, and Eclipse bugzillas), know how to convert wiki page names to URLs (OpenSource@Seneca wiki, maybe others), and be able to do useful things with user IDs (last seen, give the user's OpenSource@Wiki page). Ideally it should have a bunch of other userful features (e.g., leave a ping for a user who's not online now, ...)
  • (User:John64 John Ford) - I have written a script that sets up OpenGrok for Mozilla. I have a couple issues with it that I'd like to fix but don't really feel like doing myself. My script either checks out a repository or updates an existing one. I need to check that a) my script does the update correctly and b) that the update works. Ideally the contrib would be in the form of a patch on my script. For this contrib you'd need bash, mercurial and sed and time to do a checkout from scratch. The second contrib opportunity is to help me configure and theme the JSP Context. This would require CSS knowledge, XHTML Knowledge and *very* basic JSP knowledge (enough not to break the jsp tags). Ping me in moznet/#seneca or freenode/#seneca if you are interested!