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(CSS Properties)
(CSS Properties)
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Project Name

CSS Guide


The project has progressed amazingly well thus far. The project leaders would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank each and every contributor for their time and effort and input. More importantly we thank them for their interest in the success of our project.

Moving forward, we still require 24 tags to be added to the complete our CSS Top 100 Property list (i.e. from #77 onwards). Furthermore, there are still a few tags already on the current list that require completion.

Coming Soon

  • This section will contain status information about what is done and what is left to do, etc.
  • Basically current state of affairs.

Project Description

The Mozilla Developer Center would like to add a CSS guide to its set of major documents, covering at least the top 100 CSS properties in use on the web today. This data can be obtained through tools . It should include numerous examples, and a fair number of small tutorial/how-to sections for different common tasks or requests from web authors.


Project Leader(s)

Sherman Fernandes (sherman)
Mark D'Souza (mdsouza)
Dave Manley (seneManley)

Project Contributor(s)

Andrew Smith (andrew) - setup SVN accounts for all project members.
Dave Humphrey (dave) - Course Professor, providing valuable insight and direction.
Ian Hickson (hixie)
Mike Shaver (shaver) - Obtained CSS property usage data.

NOTE: only Project Leader(s) should add names here. You can’t add your own name to the Contributor list.

CSS Property Documentation Contributors

Sara Minchella
Ben Hearsum
Liz Chak
Dejan Tolj
Colin Guy
Richard Chu
Man Choi Kwan
Dave Bertenshaw
Dean Woodside
Aditya Nanda Kuswanto

For a complete list of contributors please see the property list.

Thanks to all contributors for their efforts !

New Recruits

If you like to help in this CSS Guide, add your name next to a property and link it to your profile page in this section. We'll add you as a contributor! (if we miss someone, let us know).

Project Details

  • Get connected to #devmo on IRC and specifically to dria (she owns MDC) and sheppy (technical writer/dev with Mozilla).
  • Research where in the Mozilla code base the CSS properties live, since you'll want to be able to consult that code as you research info about the properties and their use in Firefox. For this you can use http://lxr.mozilla.org
  • Once the list is known, divide it and work in parallel.
  • Research Mozilla proprietary tags and their usability in browsers.

Project News

  • Dec 13, 2006 - Thanks to Colin and Mark for expanding the property list (currently 80+).
  • Dec 6, 2006 - Added more elements (from 69+)
  • Dec 6, 2006 - Looking for ways to contribute other than documenting tags? Why not help us complete the list of the top 100 CSS tags. Contact a project leader for more information on how you can help.
  • Nov 22, 2006 - We welcome and thank all the new contributors to their project for all their efforts. Contributing to the project is easy. To get started simply pick an unassigned property from the task list below and follow the template. Feel free to contact the any project leader should you have any questions.
  • Nov 15, 2006 - Assigned initial 30 CSS properties among project leaders.
  • Nov 15, 2006 - Added 19 Mozilla-specific proprietary CSS properties to CSS table.
  • Nov 15, 2006 - Gave project update to colleagues in DPS909 and recruited documentors for the project.
  • Nov 10, 2006 - Added table of top 50 CSS properties for completion (Additional 50 to follow).
  • Nov 10, 2006 - CSS Property "Color" page outline completed.
  • Oct 29, 2006 - Working to complete documentation for a few tags prior to submitting it for review.
  • Oct 22, 2006 - Currently working to document a few CSS properties (minimum of 3) using the initial template draft as a guide. The next step would be to share experiences / feedback etc. regarding the template so that suggested revisions / corrections can be made moving forward. This will allow us to improve the quality of the template right from the start and prevent painful re-working later on. Some of the most used CSS properties can be found here. Thanks to Mike Shaver for providing us with this info !
  • Oct 17, 2006 - Spoke to Shaver and got a list of CSS properties and their usage. See above.
  • Oct 07,2006 - Created initial template draft for initial review. This is a work in progress and is subject to change. The template currently only contains heading titles but will be updated to reflect sample content.
  • Oct 06, 2006 - Prof. Humphrey (dave) stated that Mike Shaver is working with Ian Hickson (hixie) at Google regarding getting access to their CSS related data.
  • Sept 30,2006 - Currently trying to determine which headings i.e CSS property details etc. are the most important and thus should be included in the design of the single page template.
  • Sept 26, 2006 (dave) - I spoke to shaver on the phone today about this project, and he had some suggestions. First, he is going to see if hixie (Ian Hickson) at Google can help us get access to the top 100 CSS properties/etc (see http://code.google.com/webstats/ for another similar project he's done). Shaver also suggested that the best starting point is for you to create a Single Page Template that you'll use to work on all these. This page should include things like: links to W3C standards, example uses, description, data (e.g., legal values, edge cases, etc.) from the Mozilla code, etc. You might want to consult the existing CSS Reference (e.g., the background property), but don't use that as the basis for your template--it is not complete. Once you have the top 100 properties/etc you can divide them up between you and tackle this in parallel.

CSS Properties

# CSS Property Assignee
1 color Sherman
2 font-size Dave
3 font-family Mark
4 text-decoration Sherman
5 font-weight Dave
6 background-color Mark
7 width Sherman
8 text-align Dave
9 margin-top Mark
10 margin Sherman
11 margin-bottom Dave
12 border Mark
13 padding Sherman
14 line-height Dave
15 height Mark
16 margin-left Sherman
17 font-style Dave
18 padding-left Mark
19 padding-top Sherman
20 position Dave
21 border-bottom Mark
22 background-image Sherman
23 background Dave
24 margin-right Mark
25 border-right Sherman
26 padding-bottom Dave
27 border-top Mark
28 border-left Sherman
29 top Dave
30 display Mark
31 left Sara Minchella
32 padding-right bhearsum
33 vertical-align Liz Chak
34 background-repeat Liz Chak
35 z-index Dejan
36 float Dejan
37 cursor Dejan
38 border-style Colin Guy
39 font Richard Chu
40 border-width Dejan
41 background-position Man Choi Kwan
42 letter-spacing Dave Bertenshaw
43 visibility Richard Chu
44 border-color Dean Woodside
45 border-collapse Colin Guy
46 list-style-type Aditya Nanda Kuswanto
47 text-transform Aditya Nanda Kuswanto
48 clear Sara Minchella
49 overflow Richard Chu
50 text-indent Aditya Nanda Kuswanto
51 -moz-binding [[user:| ]]
52 -moz-border-radius [[user:| ]]
53 -moz-border-radius-topleft [[user:| ]]
54 -moz-border-radius-topright [[user:| ]]
55 -moz-border-radius-bottomright [[user:| ]]
56 -moz-border-radius-bottomleft [[user:| ]]
57 -moz-border-top-colors [[user:| ]]
58 -moz-border-right-colors [[user:| ]]
59 -moz-border-bottom-colors [[user:| ]]
60 -moz-border-left-colors [[user:| ]]
61 -moz-opacity Liz Chak
62 -moz-outline [[user:| ]]
63 -moz-outline-color [[user:| ]]
64 -moz-outline-style [[user:| ]]
65 -moz-outline-width [[user:| ]]
66 -moz-outline-focus [[user:| ]]
67 -moz-user-input [[user:| ]]
68 -moz-user-modify Dean Woodside
69 -moz-user-select [[user:| ]]
70 text-overflow Richard Chu
71 text-justify Richard Chu
72 right Sara Minchella
73 border-spacing Sara Minchella
74 bottom Sara Minchella
75 background-position-x Colin Guy
76 background-position-y Colin Guy
77 border-bottom-color Dean & Sherman
78 border-bottom-style Dean & Sherman
79 border-bottom-width Dean & Sherman
80 border-top-color Dean & Sherman
81 border-top-style Dean & Sherman
82 border-top-width Dean & Sherman
83 font-size-adjust [[user:| ]]
84 max-height [[user:| ]]
85 max-width [[user:| ]]
86 min-height [[user:| ]]
87 min-width [[user:| ]]
88 font-variant [[user:| ]]
89 outline [[user:| ]]
90 outline-color [[user:| ]]
91 [[user:| ]]
92 [[user:| ]]
93 [[user:| ]]
94 [[user:| ]]
95 [[user:| ]]
96 [[user:| ]]
97 [[user:| ]]
98 [[user:| ]]
99 [[user:| ]]
100 [[user:| ]]