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-moz-user-modify is a Mozilla property extension to CSS that is used to determine whether or not an element may be modified, and, in certain circumstances, whether or not the content itself is viewable.


Possible uses include: update forms which should prohibit modification of certain content, but wish to utilize the same look-and-feel as the input form (for example, textbox usage).


TARGET_ELEMENT{-moz-user-modify: inherit;}
TARGET_ELEMENT{-moz-user-modify: read-only;}
TARGET_ELEMENT{-moz-user-modify: read-write;}
TARGET_ELEMENT{-moz-user-modify: write-only;}

Legal Values

inheritInherit the value from parent element.
read-onlyAllow for viewing, selecting and copying the element contents. This has been tested in FF2.0 and doesn't work.
read-writeAllow for viewing, selecting, copying and editing the element contents.
write-onlyAllow for selecting and editing the element contents.

Usage Examples


This property is similar to the user-modify property of CSS3.

Specification Conformance

Doesn't conform to CSS standards; A Mozilla CSS Extension.

Browser Compatibility

Netscape 6+
Mozilla 0.6+
Firefox 1.0+

See Also



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