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**Platform object return
**Platform object return
**Platform string return
**Platform string return
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About BerrySync | Links, Resources | Planning Notes

To Do

  • Code Signing
    • Code Signing is NOT REQUIRED for full device use on the simulator
    • Code Signing is REQUIRED for full physical device use: "Research In Motion® (RIM) must track the use of sensitive APIs noted as signed when used by applications for security and export control reasons. If you use these controlled classes or methods in your applications, your application must be signed with a key or a signature provided by RIM before you can load the application .cod files onto the BlackBerry® smartphone"
  • FireFox Home & Sync
    • Emulate and port to a BlackBerry implementation, features TBD.

Ideas List

  • BlackBerry WebWorks
    • Web works is a tool to emulate browser operations within a Blackberry App via webkit rendering engine without invoking the native browser, it is limited to Blackberry OS 6.0 and above.

Existing FF Home Class Descriptions

  • Weave Keys
    • Stores and makes cryptography keys
  • Crypto Utils
    • Sync server information and utility functions
    • Encryption and decryption functions
  • Fetcher
    • push and pull to sync server functions
  • KeyChain
    • iPhone keyChain wrapper
  • NSurl_unicode
    • Utilities to format url for iPhone NSurl
  • Stockboy
    • Singleton
    • Checks users data and freshens it
    • Utilizes fetcher, storage, cryptography utilities
  • Store
    • Local storage of encrypted information
    • SQLite
  • Utility
    • Platform object return
    • Platform string return