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(Experts [***])
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===Experts [***]===
===Experts [***]===
* [mailto:hfazal@learn.senecac.on.ca?subject=btp300 Husain Fazal] - CDialog & CFrame
* [mailto:hfazal@learn.senecac.on.ca?subject=btp300 Husain Fazal] - CDialog & CFrame & CField
* [mailto:nbguzman@learn.senecac.on.ca?subject=btp300 Neil Guzman] - CFrame & CDialog & CField & CLabel
* [mailto:rwstanica@learn.senecac.on.ca?subject=btp300 Robert Stanica] - CButton
====Novices [*/**]====
====Novices [*/**]====
* [mailto:rwstanica@learn.senecac.on.ca?subject=btp300 Robert Stanica] - CButton
* [mailto:pparamalingam2@learn.senecac.on.ca?subject=btp300 Preshoth Paramalingam] - CLine
* [mailto:pparamalingam2@learn.senecac.on.ca?subject=btp300 Preshoth Paramalingam] - CButton
* [mailto:mrgodhani@learn.senecac.on.ca?subject=btp300 Meet Godhani] -CLabel
* [mailto:mrgodhani@learn.senecac.on.ca?subject=btp300 Meet Godhani] - CLine
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BTP300 Fall 2011 | Weekly Schedule | Student List | Project Requirements | Teams and their Projects | Student Resources

Team Not Very Good

Skill Levels & Work Distribution Recent Changes Classes Conditions Current Trunk Status

Experts [***]

Novices [*/**]

Assignment #2


  • Updated repository with updated source and header files
  1. CFrame (incomplete display & edit) and CDialog (incomplete draw & edit) nearly complete
  2. CLabel & CField completed (both by Neil. Meet will help out on CDialog and CFrame)


  1. CField
  2. CLabel
  3. CFrame


  1. CFrame (incomplete display & edit)
  2. CDialog (incomplete draw & edit)
  3. CLine (only skeleton code, missing instance variables)
  4. CButton (only skeleton code, missing instance variables)

Commited By:


  • Robert

Being Commited By:


  • no one


Repo ID


Email All Team Members

Project Status


  • Updated repository with updated source and header files
  1. CFrame (incomplete display & edit) and CDialog (incomplete draw & edit) nearly complete
  2. CLabel & CField completed (both by Neil. Meet will help out on CDialog and CFrame)


  • CField
  1. I think it is finally complete and nothing else can be changed to it.


  • CDialog
  1. coded some of the edit method
  2. changed some of the draw and add methods
  3. added parallel array state_ to check whether or not fields_ is dynamically allocated
  • CField:
  1. changed a bit of the constructor (should work even if instantiated with empty values due to default parameters)
  • CFrame:
  1. made sure that it passed the correct variables to global method release


  • CDialog started and coded most of it, not tested yet
  1. not fully complete, there are still some confusing functions
  • CField has been altered again, display/edit functions make more sense
  • Updated CLabel
  1. enclosed CLabel header inside the cio namespace (everything must be within it)
  • Preshoth started working on CLine class
  1. Added class definitions to CLine.h
  2. Added function definitions (no code) to CLine.cpp


  • CFrame working but not perfect
  1. tested display and need to use better display from someone's consolelineedit.cpp
  2. haven't had a chance to test edit
  3. inside helper function void move, there is some stuff to fix when displaying message and capturing message
  4. frames now can't move too far right/up/down/left depending on terminal window


  • CFrame really close to finishing. Gotta fix it so there is no trailing characters after moving
  • CField still needs fixing up on the display function


  • Meet started working on CLabel


  • Coded a bit of the CFrame class, changed some of cfg.h and the CField classes
  1. CFrame class is closing to completion, lacking some functions (also not sure if current methods actually work)
  2. CField.cpp is still missing display and edit
  3. CField has been changed according to site requirements (only keeps address and passes everything else to CFrame)
  4. cfg.h is fully complete
  • Coded a bit of CField.cpp, CField.h, and cfg.h.
  1. CField.cpp is missing display and edit functionality
  2. cfg.h is not complete(?) for CDirection enumeration


  • Switched roles of Neil (now expert) and Robert (now novice)


  • Assignment #1 inside "trunk"

Useful Code Snippets

  • Overall:
# Should have everything within the "namespace cio"
  • Compiling:
# To fix the "C4530" compiling error in visual studio, type in "/EHsc" once (without the quotes) after the files you are compiling
# Include "-lncurses" when compiling on matrix with "g++"
# Include "-I /path/to/lib/ncurses" when compiling on linux emulator on windows with "g++"
  • CFrame.cpp:
# Should be passing "(void **)&hidden_" to "release" from "consolebackup.cpp" inside "CFrame::hide"
# If you are seeing trailing characters when you move the frame, check to make sure your "CFrame::setLine" is correct and also how you allocated your "hidden" characters
# In "CFrame::capture()" make sure to cast the return value of "capture" from "consolebackup.cpp" into "(char*)" if your "hidden" variable is type char
  • CDialog.cpp:
# Must have a parallel array to fields stored to know which fields are dynamically allocated