BTP300A A2 Teams Fall 2013

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  • Designate a team leader and post up a brief description of responsibilities for each team member.
    • The team leader is in charge of merging a branch with the trunk. Merging should be allowed only after the team members have tested their own code!
    • Each team member must keep a log of testing that has been done at the branch level. The log should indicate what tests have been done on the code and the dates of testing. Also, at least ONE testing program should be put in each branch. (Note: The testing requirements will affect the final grade of your assignment.)
  • Your team should keep the Weekly Bugs Report updated.
  • The team members should communicate with each other regularly.
  • Each team member must submit a brief report when an assignment is due. The report consists of peer evaluation, team work experiences, and programming experiences. On a scale of 0 (lowest) - 5 (highest), you should assign a score to your team member and yourself.
  • Please contact your professor ASAP if you have team work issues.
BTP300A - List of Team Members (3-4 students) for A2 (*'s denote team leaders)
Team Number Name Name Name Name PLAN FOR TEAM WORK WEEKLY BUGS REPORT A2 Completed
1 *James Laverty Tarun Cherian Paul Makowski Shawn Ponte Team 1 Bugs Report N
2 Andriy Guzenko Ganna Fatsevych *Pavlo Kuzhel Eldon Lai Team 2 Workplan Team 2 Bugs Report N
3 Artemy Matvienko *Rafid Daoud Arnold Goncharenko N/A Team 3 Workplan Team 3 Bugs Report N
4 Pedro Bellesa *Jodie Carleton David Gousvaris Maggie Ha Team 4 Workplan Team 4 Bugs Report N
5 *Jake Deacon Adrian Sauvageot Norbert Curiciac Taylor Cousins Team 5 Workplan Team 5 Bugs Report N
6 Michael Fainshtein *Jay Yin Sandra To N/A Team 5 Workplan Team 5 Bugs Report N
7 *Elvis Tran Albert Kim Soban N/A Team 7 Workplan Team 7 Bugs Report N
8 Constantin Shane Nelson *Shawn Knowles Jonathan Slobodsky Team 8 Workplan Team 8 Bugs Report N