BTP300A A2 Team 5 Bugs Report

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No bugs to report at this point; Split functions between group members, Coded the CFrame skeleton (ready to fill in the function logic). Distributing individual .cpp Files with Function names/definitions to each member to begin coding process.

J/A/N/T 10/09/2013

Upon compiling, we had near success on the first try! We're having a look at our functions,and there are a few counters and loops that need to be rearranged within capture() and draw(). 11/3/2013

A2.01 WE DID IT!

We finally got it working, we had some issues dealing with the child frame moving when the parent frame moved, but initiated a new instance of a frame to remedy it! 11/3/2013

Assignment 2.02

We've begun coding the base class CField, but noticed that the a2test.cpp will need modification if we're going to test each class individually...

1.Jake: fixed by Adrian

2.Taylor: CField const seg fault - fixed by Taylor

3.Norbert: void* delete CField CButton -fixed by Norbert

4.Adrian: no frame around CLabel -fixed by Jake